Dr. Oz Describes the Three Worst Shoes for Your Feet

Dr. Oz says “UGGs Are Bad For Your Feet”

On his television show on Jan. 5, 2011, Dr. Oz said that shearling boots like UGGs have two main problems.  First, they give virtually no  support to your feet, so your feet flop around around inside.  He suggested a solution for this problem:  to place orthotics in the boots to add extra arch support. Sound familiar? I blogged about that very thing recently in my “If You Love UGGs, You’re Going to Love Them Even More Now!” blog post, adding that using a shearling foot insert with a shearling boot feels super warm and comfy.  Dr. Oz also suggests that the second problem with UGGs is that they can make your feet hot and sweaty. And if peopole wear them without socks, it can lead to foot fungus.  A simple remedy to fix this problem is to wear 100% cotton socks, wicking socks, and / or use a topical  antiperspirant foot medication.

Dr. Oz says “Thigh High Boots Are Bad For Your Feet” 

Dr. Oz said that thigh high leather boots can compress a nerve that is located near the upper outside of your calf, just below the knee joint, especially if the boots are very tight. This comression can potentially paralyze your nerve, which can make it impossible for you to flex your foot upwards.  He suggests that you consider over the knee leather boots with a zipper or a tie which allows  you to loosen them, at least when you are seated for long periods of time.  

Dr. Oz says “Flats Are Bad For Your Feet”

Dr. Oz said that, believe it or not, flats are bad for your feet.  Some of the new flat shoes available to women, including flat gladiator sandals and ballet flats, separate your foot from the pavement by only about 1/8 of an inch.  Plus, you often have to struggle and strain your foot muscles to keep your foot balanced on the shoe because there is little to no support.  If you can bend the shoe in half, then it is not a shoe that you want to walk long distances in or stand in for long periods of time.  Some of the medical problems that result from wearing flat shoes include shin splints and plantar fasciitis.  Instead, Dr. Oz said we should wear shoes with at least 1″ heels.

As a podiatrist, I have to agree with Dr. Oz. Here is my summary of his shoe analysis:

1. UGGs are too flat, need an arch support, and should be worn with socks.

2. Thigh high boots or anything that compresses the peroneal nerve should be avoided.

3. Super flat flats and shoes that bend in half have don’t have enough support for your feet.

Good job, Dr. Oz!

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes in 2011,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

17 Responses to “Dr. Oz Describes the Three Worst Shoes for Your Feet”

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  3. […] of the shoe types that we discuss in the article are Flip Flops, UGGs (or boots like the classic UGGs),Foldable Ballet Flats, Platform Pumps, Stilettos, Minimalist Shoes […]

  4. What about if I put insoles with arch support in my flats does that help make them better?

  5. If I put insoles with arch support in my ballet flats does that make them better?

  6. Okay thanks 🙂

  7. Obviously, Dr. Oz has never worn a pair of Uggs. Your feet don’t get hot and sweaty in them and too much support for your feet weakens the muscles and tendons that are made to support your feet naturally. Hoe does he feel about high heels?

  8. Very true JBP. Thin soled shoes with no support is what our ancestors have worn for ages. If we slowly strengthen our feet and get used to using our muscles in our feet, flats are great for your feet! Who do you trust God/evolution or Nike/shoe companies?

  9. Our Ancestors never walked on hard surfaces like concrete and tile most of
    their working days.The shoe is to protect your foot from the elements and
    arch supports give the foot a better foundation in the shoe.Shoes are not created with different arch supports,because there are so many different arch types. Manufactures put a sock liner in the shoes to create a barrier to protect the skin,
    which doesn’t always work as well as a well cushioned sock.
    Who do you trust? Go to a foot specialist that God educated and always listen to your feet,it is the first step to a healthier life.

  10. coralkitten Says:

    Well this sucks all I wear is flat shoes..and they are all I am comfortable in :/

  11. Well flats aren’t a problem for me, and I agree with JBP. If shoes are supposed to protect your feet, why are all these cheap bogus pairs out there?

  12. I will share this article on my blog. So true!

  13. […] health.  Sure, shoes aren’t as bad for you as cigarettes.  However, heels are bad for you, flats are bad for you, flip flops are bad for you.  Buy one pair of extremely comfortable, practical shoes, and call it […]

  14. Thousands of people have found relief from their walking/running pain by going barefoot. I like Dr. Oz, but he and the podiatrists aren’t telling the whole story. Shoes are the reason we have problems with our feet. Gradually increasing barefoot time allows long-immobilized muscles, joints and tendons to flex and strengthen according to their original design. Increasing the support inside of our shoes masks current symptoms and further decreases the foot’s ability to function on its own…even though it feels better – as a crutch makes one feel better by allowing you to compensate for an injured foot. There are different books on Barefoot walking and running that explain this in detail. An excellent on is Daniel Howell’s: http://www.thebarefootbook.com/

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