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Footwear News Article Featuring Dr. Michele and 34 Minutes!

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Featured in the November 26, 2012 shoe show issue of Footwear News. Written by Barbara Schneider-Levy

The Shoe Expert in USA Today!

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Once again I have to say a big THANK YOU to all of my fans, friends, and readers who have consistently logged in to see what I have to say about shoes, especially women’s shoes! So thank you, thank you , thank you! Because of all of this activity, my blog was picked up by USA Today who interviewed me a few weeks ago to discuss shoes of course. The online version of the article was published yesterday, but the printed version will be available next week.

Some of the shoe types that we discuss in the article are Flip Flops, UGGs (or boots like the classic UGGs),Foldable Ballet Flats, Platform Pumps, Stilettos, Minimalist Shoes (such as the Vibram Five Fingers and the yoga toe shoes), and the dreaded Rocker Bottom Athletic Shoes (yes, we all know about these fashion-don’ts, don’t we, ladies?).

I’m sure if you’ve been one of my readers during this past year, you know that I’ve discussed each one of these shoes at least once. Sometimes on this blog we talk fashion, function, or both, but one thing that we always do is talk shoes!

So thanks again!

One last thank you for helping this blog reach its goal of 60,000 views in one year, which by the way was last week! 🙂

For more foot info, you can always view my website or my podiatry blog. But for shoe info, don’t go anywhere! More is to be revealed…

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Shoe Lovers Want To Know About Flatforms & More!

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As you know by now, I am a shoe expert as well as a shoe lover…so I started this shoe blog a few months ago to share with you some of the new shoes coming out soon, shoe trends, shoe tips, and other general shoe knowledge of mine. 🙂

So now I  am going to ask you, the reader, what other shoe info are you looking for?

Here is a list of some of the most commonly searched for terms in my blog’s history: flatforms, Christian Louboutin, wedges, summer shoes 2011, Uggs, platform shoes, cankles, hot shoes spring 2011, sexy feet, 7  inch heels, Steve Madden boots with red zipper, Coach rainboots, sheepskin orthotics, 8 inch heels, Derek Lam, sparkly shoes, Prada shoes, wedge flip flops, sandals, mohawk shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes, toning shoes, Soles4Souls, Paris Hilton‘s bunion, wingtip pumps, high heels, fashion shoes 2011, stiletto boots, cheetah boots, pregnant Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson sandals, Lanvin shoes, high heel boots, red carpet shoes, furry boots, ballet flats, Chanel eskimo boots, Louis Vuitton shoes, Rick Bella shoes, kitten heel boots, Kim Kardashian‘s high heels.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts! And I hope you find what you’re searching for! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Thank You, Shoe Lovers!

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Photo courtesy of

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the shoe lovers out there that have been supporting and reading this blog of mine! On Sunday, this blog hit 10,000 hits and is growing day by day, thanks to all of you!

To show my appreciation, I will continue to blog and post photos, articles, quotes, and other shoe-worthy news! February will be a great month for shoes with Valentine’s Day, the FFANY show in NYC, the WSA & FN Platform/Magic shows in Las Vegas, and the KSA (Kids Shoe Association) next week here in LA. Wow, that’s a lot of shoes!!! 🙂

And I might add that most of these shoe shows will be featuring their 2011 Fall & Winter Collections (and it’s not even spring or summer yet!) Well, that’s how it goes in the fashion & apparel industry…they’re always a season or two ahead of time to get the stores ready for you.

Here is a little collage of  just a few of my own personal shoes on my own personal feet that I’ve captured in photos over time, in celebration of our 10,000 views:


Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

LA Transit Shoe Show: Trends in Flats in 2011

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While attending the LA Transit Shoe Show this week, I noticed a lot of interesting trends for the Spring/Summer shoes in 2011. In this post, I am strictly talking about FLATS. Although most of the shoe lovers reading this love their heels, we can all agree that there is a time and place for flats.

Flats are hot, hot, hot this season! There were so many flats with so many different detailing that I couldn’t help myself…I had to show you! I went crazy snapping photos of some of my faves (with the shoe vendors’ approval, of course!). So here are some of the hot-off-the-press newest flats coming out this year:

Check out these two pairs of pearl and bead embellished flats on the left next to the two pairs of matching heels on the right by Angeles Shoes! Both the flats and the heels stood out from the crowd, and I must say that I loved both of them and would wear either one of them.

All Black had a lot of flats that I liked (as you will see) such as these beaded and pearl embelleshed ones with a little splash of jewel tone colors added for a little extra pop. These could work with a lot of colors and outfits. 

A huge, and I mean huge, trend in flats this season is bows! These flats by Angeles Shoes have the bow and the little white beads which work well together.

The bow on these flats by All Black is a little different but it does make them stand out from the crowd of bows!

All of these shoes by All Black are covered in little tiny rosettes, and they were so soft. They look like they would be stiff, but they weren’t! I have to admit they were super cute in person. I wanted so badlly to try them on, but of course they did not have my size…such is the case at the shoe shows (all of the vendors have either size 6 or size 7 on display).

I have always loved black and white shoes, but really all of these two-color combinations work with these flats from Dollhouse. And they were super duper light weight!

See what I mean? Bows, bows, and more bows! Different types of bows, different sizes of bows, different colors, different materials, but bows were everywhere! (They were on the heels too, but that post is coming soon…) All of these flats by Miss Me? were right on trend with the bows and the metal embelleshments, and they worked! 🙂

This was another hot trend in flats (and heels!)…the jewel embellishments on the toes or straps of shoes, like on these flats by Penny and Kenny in pastel colors that always work in the spring and summer. (Sorry the photo is a little blurry. I’ll try to take another one tomorrow!)

The Wanted booth had so, so, so many shoes (I should have taken more photos!) for both women and little girls. These colorful ballet flats with bows was just one of the many styles that they had on display for both age groups. These are for the women.

And these are for the little girls, and I mean little! It may be hard to tell in the photo, but these were preschool sized shoes!

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

How to Shop for Children’s Shoes

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Since our slogan is “All shoes, all the time!” today we are talking about children’s shoes. (We will be adding some men’s shoes and running shoes posts soon too!)

When shopping for children’s shoes, it can be tricky, especially for toddlers or other small children who can’t verbalize to parents how good or how bad the shoes feel on their pudgy little feet. Another factor to consider is the shape of your child’s foot. Consider asking yourself these questions when shopping for shoes for your little ones: “Does my child have flat feet?” “Does my child walk in-toed (commonly referred to as pigeon-toed)?” “Does my child over pronate?” “Does my child wear his or her shoes out unevenly?” “Does my child seem to go through shoes quicker than average, as compared to my other children?” “Does my child wear orthotics (which will usually require a half size or full size larger shoe)?” “Does my child complain of painful heels or painful feet while walking or running?” If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have special considerations to make when buying shoes for your child. After reading these tips, if you still have questions, feel free to ask me below in the comments section or ask your podiatrist. 🙂

Here is an excerpt from my podiatry blog on this subject:

“Shoe Shopping Tips:
*Shoes that don’t fit properly can aggravate the feet. Always measure a child’s feet before buying shoes, and watch for signs of irritation.
*Never hand down footwear. Just because a shoe size fits one child comfortably doesn’t mean it will fit another the same way. Also, sharing shoes can spread fungi like athlete’s foot and nail fungus.
*Examine the heels. Children may wear through the heels of shoes quicker than outgrowing shoes themselves. Uneven heel wear can indicate a foot problem that should be checked by a podiatrist.
*Take your child shoe shopping. Every shoe fits differently. Letting a child have a say in the shoe buying process promotes healthy foot habits down the road.
*Always buy for the larger foot. Feet are seldom precisely the same size.
*Buy shoes that do not need a “break-in” period. Shoes should be comfortable immediately.
*Make sure to have your child try on shoes with socks or tights, if that’s how they’ll be worn.”

I hope that helps the parents with questions on the subject! Happy shopping, moms and dads (and grandparents)! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes in 2011,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Designer Shoes Do Not Have To Be High Heels!

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Designer Flats (photo from

Do you remember my Dec. 15th post Which Designer Shoes Do You Want? (By the way, the Gucci heels were definitely leading with the most votes. And throughout the year we will be featuring different designer shoes for you to vote on! We may even feature some of the leading shoe stories that are winning the contest!) Well, anyway, this post was a preview to our Designer Shoe Giveaway Contest that we’re currently holding. Please feel free to enter as many times as you wish. 🙂

In this post, I want to be clear that the designer shoes do not have to be high heels. Apparently, there was at least one individual who equates designer shoes with high heels, but as most of us shoe lovers know, designer shoes can be sandals, flats, boots, kitten heels, etc. They can even be the new flatforms…if you’re in to those (but judging from the comments on that post, most women gave the flatforms a big thumbs down). So to be fair to all of the designer shoes out there, let’s look at some that are not high heels…

Burberry embellished ballet flats

Cole Haan Air Avalon Tall Boots

Valentino studded patent leather kitten heel

Ann Taylor kitten heel sandal

Proenza Schouler Flat Zip Sandals


Miu Miu metallic banana flats

Christian Louboutin spiked zipper ballerina flats

Gucci pink thong logo sandals

And let’s not leave the men out either! If a man wins the contest with the best shoe story, he could win a pair of designer shoes too! (Yes, this contest is open to everyone! We are just looking for good shoe stories to share!)

Louis Vuitton


Christian Louboutin spiked flats for men

 I hope you enjoyed the variety of shoes in this post! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Dr. Oz Describes the Three Worst Shoes for Your Feet

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Dr. Oz says “UGGs Are Bad For Your Feet”

On his television show on Jan. 5, 2011, Dr. Oz said that shearling boots like UGGs have two main problems.  First, they give virtually no  support to your feet, so your feet flop around around inside.  He suggested a solution for this problem:  to place orthotics in the boots to add extra arch support. Sound familiar? I blogged about that very thing recently in my “If You Love UGGs, You’re Going to Love Them Even More Now!” blog post, adding that using a shearling foot insert with a shearling boot feels super warm and comfy.  Dr. Oz also suggests that the second problem with UGGs is that they can make your feet hot and sweaty. And if peopole wear them without socks, it can lead to foot fungus.  A simple remedy to fix this problem is to wear 100% cotton socks, wicking socks, and / or use a topical  antiperspirant foot medication.

Dr. Oz says “Thigh High Boots Are Bad For Your Feet” 

Dr. Oz said that thigh high leather boots can compress a nerve that is located near the upper outside of your calf, just below the knee joint, especially if the boots are very tight. This comression can potentially paralyze your nerve, which can make it impossible for you to flex your foot upwards.  He suggests that you consider over the knee leather boots with a zipper or a tie which allows  you to loosen them, at least when you are seated for long periods of time.  

Dr. Oz says “Flats Are Bad For Your Feet”

Dr. Oz said that, believe it or not, flats are bad for your feet.  Some of the new flat shoes available to women, including flat gladiator sandals and ballet flats, separate your foot from the pavement by only about 1/8 of an inch.  Plus, you often have to struggle and strain your foot muscles to keep your foot balanced on the shoe because there is little to no support.  If you can bend the shoe in half, then it is not a shoe that you want to walk long distances in or stand in for long periods of time.  Some of the medical problems that result from wearing flat shoes include shin splints and plantar fasciitis.  Instead, Dr. Oz said we should wear shoes with at least 1″ heels.

As a podiatrist, I have to agree with Dr. Oz. Here is my summary of his shoe analysis:

1. UGGs are too flat, need an arch support, and should be worn with socks.

2. Thigh high boots or anything that compresses the peroneal nerve should be avoided.

3. Super flat flats and shoes that bend in half have don’t have enough support for your feet.

Good job, Dr. Oz!

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes in 2011,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Damn Heels for Shoe Lovers

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Have you heard of Damn Heels? They are little foldable ballet style shoes that come in an expandable bag that you can put in your purse or clutch before you go out and then when your feet hurt from wearing high heels all night, you just whip them out, put them on, and place your heels in the bag as you take that long trek on your way home. Well, it may not be too long of a walk, but in stilettos it can definitely feel that way.

I think they’re a great idea! I wondered why there wasn’t something like that available to women the last time I was in Las Vegas for a fun weekend…not for me though! As I sat at a little table in a casino bar in MGM Grand with my boyfriend, I watched and then counted how many women walked by BAREFOOT (yes, you heard me right, I said barefoot) with their heels in their hands on their way back to their rooms or out of the casino headed toward a cab.

So, how many did I count? 21! In a 30 minute period, 21 barefoot women walked by. Ugh! The shoe lover in me was thinking “Oh, poor girl! Her feet hurt! It’s too bad because her dress is cute and her shoes are cute…But it’s gross to walk around barefoot in public.” The doctor in me was thinking “There are so many germs, bacteria, fungus, viruses on the carpet and on the ground outside that these women are exposing their tender feet to…possibly leading to plantars warts, athlete’s foot, fungal toenails, and other skin infections.” I just wanted to say something to them like “please just put on your shoes until you get to your room or your car.” But it wouldn’t have mattered. Their feet were hurting them and they were not going to wear those damn heels another minute, no matter how cute they were a few hours earlier! (This is actually kind of ironic to me. The shoes were so cute and sexy that they decided to wear them, even if they hurt or even if they thought they would probably hurt, but now they are running around barefoot! That’s not cute! Dirty, blackened feet…sexy black little dress…germs…not cute!)

With all that said, I want to applaud Hailey Coleman, Founder of Damn Heels for “saving women from their (beloved) damn heels.”

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Heels: How high is too high?

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In general, podiatrists agree that high heels are not good for the feet. Our professional organization, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), recommends heel heights of two inches or less for women’s shoes to avoid future foot pain and problems. I completely agree with that for everyday shoes for women. I have said time and time again…that for the office, for an eight hour work day, for prolonged periods of time spent on your feet…wear a low heeled shoe for comfort, stability, and overall foot health. But I have also said that for an occasional night on the town, business meeting, formal occasion, wedding, hot date night, etc., it is okay to wear your favorite heels. I wear mine on these occasions, and I wear my running shoes or my Crocs to work with my scrubs.  

Here is an excerpt on this very issue from another (podiatry) blog that I write, written back in May 2010, and here is the link: 

“Don’t wear high-heeled shoes that are too high.” … It’s definitely okay for a special occasion, a party, an event, or a night on the town, but not for an everyday ritual. If you have to dress up for work, wear a low-heeled shoe. Your feet will thank you for years to come. Just ask your moms and grandmas…they love to share how they wore high heels for years and how their feet suffer in their golden years for it.

So ladies, let’s be smart, let’s be good to our feet, and let’s let loose a little too! We can still have fun and look good at the same time. What I propose is that we can have comfortable yet sexy shoes. As Salvatore Ferragamo said, “Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Well said, Mr. Ferragamo! In celebration of this thought, let’s look at some of his wonderful shoes: 

Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats $424.00 at

Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats $424.00 at

Salvatore Ferragamo Flo wedge pumps $490.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Salvatore Ferragamo Flo wedge pumps $490.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue


Salvatore Ferragamo Frannie maryjane pumps $564.00 at Zappos

Salvatore Ferragamo Frannie maryjane pumps $564.00 at Zappos

Salvatore Ferragamo Carla leather pumps $450 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Salvatore Ferragamo Carla leather pumps $450 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Salvatore Ferragamo Giara platform pumps $564.00 at Zappos

Salvatore Ferragamo Giara platform pumps $564.00 at Zappos

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