How To Buy Women’s Shoes That Fit

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Have you ever purchased shoes that you thought fit right in the store, but then when you got home, they felt too tight or hurt your feet?

It’s happened to most of us at one time or another…and the reason is that we didn’t know how to purchase women’s shoes that fit properly. We were never taught what to look for in a shoe. We probably found cute shoes that we liked, tried them on one foot quickly, and decided that they fit OK enough. But that doesn’t work too well when it comes to shoes! 

We need to put them on both feet. We need to walk around in them. We need to look at some other factors too to ensure a proper fit.

We know that shoes that are too high will hurt if we wear them long enough. While heel height and the amount of time…

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“Those Shoes are SO expensive!” Thursdays is a feature that I am thinking of bringing back!

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As a foot doctor and shoe expert, I’ve been asked by many people if more expensive shoes are better than cheaper versions. Well, sometimes, but not always.

It depends on several factors, including the materials used, talented designers, manufacturing costs, research efforts, etc. The main idea is quality. A good quality shoe is usually more expensive and usually more comfortable and therefore “better.” But sometimes you are paying extra just for the name brand. The only way for YOU to tell for sure is for YOU to go try them on, walk around in them, and see for yourself which ones feel better on your foot. Not every shoe is made for every foot type. With shoes, as with patients, it depends on a lot of things.

But just for fun, let’s take a look at some really expensive shoes that we wouldn’t mind owning!

One little shopping tip: as a podiatrist, I recommend that you go…

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Dr. Oz is always a favorite topic for my blog!

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Have any of you seen Dr. Oz’s segment titled “How to Find the Best Shoe for You” ? He does a great job of explaining differences in foot types: high arch, normal foot, flat foot. He also goes on to explain how each of these foot types require different features in shoes, how these differing foot types can cause foot problems later in life, and when these foot types with their associated problems may require a podiatrist (like me) to evaluate and treat one of these problems, possibly with orthotics. He does a pretty good job of explaining the basics regarding what orthotics are and why some of these foot types would require orthotics. He then goes on to evaluate some running shoes to see if they are right for your foot type.

Dr. Oz and a member of the audience give a little demonstration on walking…

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Dr. Michele and 34 Minutes Featured in Footwear News for the 2nd Time!

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Featured in the February 18, 2013 shoe show issue of Footwear News, written by Barbara Schneider-Levy

Footwear News Article Featuring Dr. Michele and 34 Minutes!

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Featured in the November 26, 2012 shoe show issue of Footwear News. Written by Barbara Schneider-Levy

Back to blogging about shoes!

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To my readers, fans, and friends, I am writing this post to let you know that I am back to blogging and keeping you updated about 34 Minutes shoes. I have been busy behind the scenes working with factories, technicians, designers, web masters, photographers, advertising execs, writers, editors, consultants, PR representatives, stylists, and all of the other people who help to get a new brand up and running.

Now that we are up and running with our new styles coming to a store near you very shortly (and even some online stores too!), I will be posting updates of new styles, new collections, tradeshows, exhibits, sales, speaking engangements, trunk shows, etc.

The Venus

For example, here is a sneak peek of one of our new styles, The Venus

Dr. Michele, Co-Founder and Chief Designer

Orange: a hot color for 2013!

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What do you think of this new style? 3″ peep toe sling back with 1/2″ platform in orange patent leather. Available in our Spring Summer 2013 collection

34 Minutes Shoes Debuts in NYC in June!

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Image34 Minutes shoes will be showing at FFANY on June 6-8, 2012 for the first time!

To see the whole collection, please visit our website.

Collage of Shoes

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Have you tried the Pic Collage app on your smartphone? I was trying it out today, and this is what I created. It’s a collage of some of our styles from our Fall 2012 Collection.

You can see the rest of the collection at

The Shoe Expert and 34 Minutes Shoes thank you for the 100,000 views!

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The Shoe Expert and 34 Minutes Shoes thank you for the 100,000 views!

Thank you for the 100,000 views! Today we reached a milestone with our blog! And we’d like to thank all of our readers, followers, friends, and fans. One of the things we’ve been working on lately is our new line of shoes, 34 MInutes…so please check out our new website too! 🙂

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