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Why High Heels? Do You ALWAYS Wear Them? Even When Pregnant or Injured? (some celebs do!)

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“Why do you love high heel shoes so much?”

“What is it about high heels that gets you excited to wear them (and buy them)?”

“Of all the shoes out there to choose from, why high heels?”

“Have you ever worn heels when you knew you shouldn’t have?” (see below for clarification)

From the women I’ve polled, some of the answers went like this:

“I love, love, love my high heels. I feel sexy in my heels, and I never wear anything else!”

“I’m under 5’4″ so I need to wear my heels to feel powerful in the workplace.”

“I never go anywhere without my heels.”

Christian Louboutin classic pump

It’s no secret that there are many women who love their high heels and frankly don’t want to wear anything else. I’ve always said that there’s a time and place for everything, especially shoes…high heels have their time and place, and running shoes have theirs. As a physician and foot specialist, I can say without a doubt that there are some times that heels can be dangerous. For example, if you have an injury in one of your lower extremities, heels are not the shoe for you. Wait until you’re feeling 100% to put on that stiletto! Another example is during pregnancy. Almost all Ob/Gyn’s will tell their pregnant patients to lay off of the heels during pregnancy. The last thing you want to do while pregnant is put your baby at risk for an injury (or worse) if you fall. While pregnant, your center of gravity shifts (duh!) and you may not realize how different you walk in heels with an extra 20-40 pounds on your frame! And then there’s the foot/ankle swelling you get while pregnant…not a good look in heels (sorry to say it, but it’s true…I can say it because it happened to me too). 

But I also know some women that won’t wear a shoe that has a heel less than 3 inches!  Here are even a few quotes from some celebrities on this subject:

“I can’t wear flat shoes. My feet repel them.” —Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey wore high heels to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game in Japan in May 2008

A pregnant Mariah Carey falls on stage wearing high heels in Singapore (watch the video here)


To me, shoes are like pizza. There is no bad shoe!” —Kelly Ripa

Apparently, she’s not kidding! Just yesterday, did you see her hobble on to the stage of “Live with Regis and Kelly” wearing four inch heels and using crutches for a hip stress fracture. Orthopedists and other physicians were surprised with this strange choice, stating how she could easily slip and fall and that she is putting extra stress on the already stressed bones in her hip joint. In either case, the fracture could easily worsen! Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, I love a good heel in the right circumstance, but this is not it! Sorry, but I agree with the other doctors. Bad choice. 

Just a few other photos of celebs having high heel mishaps or just making poor shoe choices for their particular situations:

Nicole Richie six months pregnant in high heel wedges

Kim Kardashian twists ankle wearing Versace pumps

Gwen Stefani wearing six inch YSL pumps, carrying 9-month-old son Kingston

Miley Cyrus wearing seven inch (yes, I said 7 inch!) Christian Louboutin heels needed to hold on to something or someone while walking to avoid falling

Ok, I think I made my point! Everything in moderation…especially heels!

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Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Shoe-of-the-Month Clubs for Shoe Lovers

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Yes, it’s true. As if we didn’t have enough shoes already, there are several Shoe-of-the-Month Clubs available online to help us find more! They vary in price from very reasonable to very pricey, but remember that you get what you pay for. Let’s look at a few of them that have been in the headlines lately, from less to more expensive:

1.  Just Fabulous charges $39.95 a month for a new pair of shoe to be  hand-picked for you based on your personal style, which you will help them determine when you sign up by answering questions and giving them some of your style info.  You will then get a personal shopper and VIP access to some of the most popular shoes. They also offer free shipping which is always a plus. They claim to “keep stylish gals heeled one pair at a time.”  Cheif style experts Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr are the co-founders of the online fashion magazine, where they serve as creative director and editorial director.

2.  ShoeDazzle is very similar. Every month, for $39.95, you receive a personalized selection and one pair of shoes. The styles are selected for you by their fashion experts, including Kim Kardashian. There is no obligation to purchase once you register, and you are charged only after you place your first order. In any month, you may skip your selection between the 1st and the 5th of the month and you will not be charged. But these shoes are all made of synthetic material, faux leather and faux suede.

Just a little bit more information on ShoeDazzle and its philanthropic efforts that is definitely worth mentioning: Last month announced its partnership with Soles4Souls. ShoeDazzle will be donating more than 500 pairs of ladies shoes to Soles4Souls for women in need around the world.  To date, Soles4Souls has donated more than 12 million pairs of shoes worldwide, and most recently has donated more than 1 million pairs to the victims of the Haitian earthquake. 

3.  J. Crew has a Shoe Of The Month Club that charges $1800.00 a year, which of course is $150.00 per pair. Although it was a little hard to find online, one blogger named Chassity at LookLingerLove found it for us! Although this club is over 3x the price of the previous two, the difference is the quality of the shoes. J. Crew’s shoes are made with genuine leather and suede as opposed to synthetic materials. So if quality is worth it to you, this club could be the one for you!

4.  NET-A-PORTER.COM has the ultimate gift package for shoe-loving fashionistas this Christmas: a $10,000.00 a year shoe subscription (that’s over $800.00 per pair!) that provides a new pair of designer shoes of your choice every month. Included in the package is one-on-one expert fashion advice (including an initial consultation and a direct line), sneak previews of upcoming designs, the ability to pre-reserve your favorite styles, and express shipping for speedy delivery. It’s the ultimate “shoe of the month club,” the perfect way to give her exactly what she wants without worrying about picking out the wrong thing, and a guaranteed hit under the Christmas tree…if you can afford it!

So, would YOU join a Shoe-of-the-Month Club for convenience, for the love of shoes, for the latest styles that come directly to you? And how much would you be willing to pay for it? $39.95 a month to $10,000 a year or somewhere in the middle? (Please comment!)

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

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