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FN Platform: Fall 2011 Sweater Boots

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I know it’s not even spring or summer yet, but the shoe shows are always at least one season ahead of us so that the buyers for the retail stores can see what’s coming out, place orders, and have the shoes in the stores in time for all of us shoppers to buy them!

So what are some of the trends for this fall? Boots of course! You name it…ankle booties, wedge boots, stiletto heel boots, open toe boots, sweater boots…

Here are just a few of the popular sweater boots:

Lisa for Donald J Pliner

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

LA Transit Shoe Show: Animal Prints Trending in 2011

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Another trend for this summer in heels of all kinds, from sandals to wedges to pumps to boots, is animal print! I had the pleasure to take photos of some beautiful shoes coming out soon, so take a look and tell me if you like them, love them, or hate them! (I already know a few of you did not appreciate some of them that I posted as my “shoe of the day” last week.)

Cheetah print pumps with black bow from Paris Hilton collection

Cheetah print platform stiletto booties by L.A.M.B.

Cheetah print peep toe platform wedges (on the right) by Steve Madden

Cheetah print platform pumps (on the left) by Rick Bella/Wah Lei Footwear

Cheetah print platform sandals by Enigma (on the left)

Cheetah print platform pumps (on the left) and cheetah print peep toe platform pumps with ankle cuff (on poster on the right) by Enigma

Cheetah print/black leather platform pumps by Paris Hilton

Leopard print wedges with ankle cuff by Donald J. Pliner (on the far right)

Cheetah print platform wedge sandals by Yellowbox (in various colors)

And last but not least, zebra print platform wedges by Paris Hilton

Well, I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me! I really loved viewing these shoes, trying some of them on, taking photos of them, writing about them, and sharing them with you!

Please comment on your faves or your least faves! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

My Favorite Stuart Weitzman Booties for Fabulous Friday

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Shoe lovers, I’d love to see your favorite boots & booties too!

I’m feeling a fabulous Friday approaching, so I need to post some of My Favorite ____ for Fabulous Friday!” And I am still feeling the sexy style of Stuart Weitzman…so here are some of My Favorite Stuart Weitzman ankle boots:

Stuart Weitzman Camden zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Of course, it’s almost winter so we’re still talking boots, booties, and more boots. Tall, over the knee, ankle, whatever, but all of them are still hot! As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I love grey. The detail on this shoe is a nice surprise in that chunky heel (a trend we’ll be seeing more of this spring and fall)…and another trend we’re going to see more of in the spring 2011 shoes is acrylic in the heel. Just watch! 😉

Stuart Weitzman camel suede DC Frosty platform cuff booties $285.00 at Bluefly

Of course, another bootie. But this one looks so warm and comfy (and sexy!). The furry cuff is a nice touch, and I love this color! It just looks luxurious, and I think I’m in love with these shoes. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Ontherail zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

I know this color is bold and makes a strong statement, but whether or not you love this blue, you have to admit this is one beautiful shoe! I happen to love this shade of blue although I don’t own any shoes in this color (the closest ones would be my Kuru’s, my Crocs, and my running shoes). The zipper detail in the back and the silver heel add some more sparkle and nice touches too. By the way, these shoes are on sale this week for $360.00! 😉

Stuart Weitzman BuckKeen zip booties $525.00 at Zappos

Talk about a festive holiday shoe! I love this color during this time of year; it’s so much better than plain old red. And the buckle is a nice little additon. Yes, please! 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Fringes zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Fringes were another big trend this season, so here you go! Fringes on a Stuart Weitzman bootie…you can’t go wrong here!

 Stuart Weitzman Safetybelt zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

And last but not least, the Safetybelt zip booties. Grey again! But this time it’s two shades of grey, some black, and a buckle…I’m asking myself right now “why don’t I own these yet?!”

Dedicated to your foot health and your shoes,

 Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 

“All shoes, all the time!”

Best Shoe Deals this weekend!

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To my shoe lovers, did you get all of your shopping done for this holiday weekend?

(Scroll to bottom for Shoe Shopping Tips)

Did you brave the stores for Black Friday sales? Or are you waiting for the online specials on Cyber Monday? Well, if you’re like me, you do a little of both and you look for the best deals. And I’ve been doing some looking for the best online shoe deals this weekend, so here are a few deals from some of my facebook & twitter friends:

1. Save up to 70% off on Steve Madden Shoes at yournextshoes

Steve Madden ‘Caryssa’ pumps 40% off today!

2. Save 20% on wedges at gblshoes

Alley Gladiator Strappy Cut Out Buckle Bootie Wedge 20% off

3. Save $5.00 off your purchase of TOMS Shoes at buyfantasticshoes

TOMS Shoes $5.00 off until Dec. 31st!

4. Designer shoe sale at jildorshoes

Kate Spade ‘Cammie Roccia’ Gold Python heels 50% off!

5. Designer shoe sale at lorisshoes

Sam Edelman ‘Zachary’ black platform bootie 50% off!

6. $50.00 off of $180.00 purchase at valid through Sunday 11/28/10

L.A.M.B. Fen Heel 50% off!

7. Save 30% on athletic shoes, slippers, and boots at

Giuseppe Zanotti women’s knee-high boot 34% off!

8. And last, but not least, has designer shoes on sale this weekend too!

Emilio Pucci heels 20% off! 

Just a few shoe shopping tips:

  • when shopping for shoes in the stores, go toward the end of the day when your feet will be at their most swollen so that you can get a proper fit
  • know your foot shape and type and buy shoes accordingly (not all shoes fit all foot types)
  • click here for “what to look for in a shoe”

Dr. MicheleThe Shoe Expert  “All Shoes, All the Time!”

“Those Shoes are Hot!” Thursdays

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“Those shoes are hot!”

 I hear that all the time…from women and men…directed at all sorts of women…in all sorts of places…and about all sorts of shoes! Ladies, our men are looking and noticing our shoes. Not only do we love our heels which make us feel sexier and make our legs look shaplier, but our men agree. Men love the way we look in our stilettos, our strappy sandals, and our high heel boots.

These strappy Coach sandals in this photo were a gift to me from my man…and boy does he love when I wear them! Granted, I do not wear these to the office for an eight hour work day…these are for a night on the town, a nice dinner, or a hot date. (Remember, for a long day at work, wear a more sensible shoe with a lower heel. Even kitten heels or wedges will work for the office. Save those stilettos and high to the sky shoes for special occasions!)

I would love to hear what your favorite, sexiest shoes are. Which shoes just make you feel better as soon as you put them on?

I will show you a few of mine that always make me feel sexy and always get noticed!

1. My Coach snakeskin heels:

2. My H & M beige suede heels with ruffles:  

3. My Coach Teagan grey suede tie heels:

4. My G by Guess black and white Lucan T-strap wedges with rhinestone detail: 

5. My thigh high black leather boots:

What do you think? Hot or not??? I say “those shoes are hot!” for this week’s “Those Shoes are Hot!” Thursday. 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Casual Fridays for Your Foot

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Does your office believe in “Casual Fridays”? It’s so common now that it seems as if everyone is doing it, but are some people taking it too far? Casual Fridays doesn’t mean flip-flops or Ugg boots! It means “business casual.” Let’s take a look at some business casual shoes that are still cute, fashionable, and even hot!

Wedges: Whether they are wedge espadrilles, peep toe wedges, wedge booties, or wedge boots, wedges will work perfectly for that Casual Friday look!


Flats: Especially if you’re wearing high heels all week, you can afford to take a break on Friday and put on those flats! There are so many cute flats out there, and they can be paired with pants or a skirt for a business casual look. (But just a note on that: if you’re going to make a speech to the company or a big presentation to the boss, stick to your professional look with your trustworthy pumps! Remember, these suggestions are only for Casual Fridays when you’re in the office with your co-workers, not when you’re out wining and dining that executive trying to get that big account or client.) Flats come in so many forms too…from ballet flats to loafers to flat boots…some are cute, some not so cute! But they definitely work well on Casual Fridays!


Sneakers: Yep, I said it, “sneakers!” On Casual Fridays we can get away with wearing sneakers…if we choose classy sneakers and pair them with the right jeans or pants. Now I’m not talking about your dirty running shoes or worn out canvas sneakers! I’m talking about nice, clean, stylish sneakers that look cute and appropriate in most offices or workplaces IF they are paired with the right outfit. Here are a few examples:


Well, those are my picks for this week’s Casual Fridays, 9/10/10.

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Can you tell if it’s a real deal or real expensive?

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What matters more to you, brand names or great deals? Do you pay more for your shoes just to have the brand you know or do you pay more for brands that you trust to be comfortable and long-lasting?

Have you ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for?” Well, when it comes to shoes, nothing is further from the truth! Let’s see if you can tell the difference between a brand name (expensive) shoe vs. a less expensive version by a not-so-swanky brand?

1. Black lace peep toe ankle booties:


2. Glitter ballet flats:


3. Tan leather flat boots with zipper detail in back:


4. Faux python/python stiletto boots:



1. The first one is by Amiclubwear and costs $26.99; the second one is by Valentino and costs $1045.00. Pretty huge difference in price!!!

2. The first one is by Jimmy Choo and costs $365.00; the second one is by Gap and costs $49.50. For the Jimmy Choo brand, you’re looking at spending over $300 more…do you think it’s worth it???

3. The first ones are by Adi (found at Target) and cost $49.99; the second ones are by Steve Madden and cost $199.95. The Steve Maddens are 4x more expensive! I have tried on the Adi boots and have to admit that these boots are quite comfortable…now I have to try on the Steve Maddens to compare!

4. The first one is python, made by Christian Louboutin and costs $2595.00; the second ones are faux python, made by Colin Stuart (found at Victoria’s Secret) and cost $49.99. This difference is so huge, but it is python vs. faux python…

Just to reiterate my main point, ladies…you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes!

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

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