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Shoe Lovers Want To Know About Flatforms & More!

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As you know by now, I am a shoe expert as well as a shoe lover…so I started this shoe blog a few months ago to share with you some of the new shoes coming out soon, shoe trends, shoe tips, and other general shoe knowledge of mine. 🙂

So now I  am going to ask you, the reader, what other shoe info are you looking for?

Here is a list of some of the most commonly searched for terms in my blog’s history: flatformsChristian Louboutin, wedges, summer shoes 2011, Uggs, platform shoes, cankles, hot shoes spring 2011, sexy feet, 7  inch heels, Steve Madden boots with red zipper, Coach rainboots, sheepskin orthotics, 8 inch heels, Derek Lam, sparkly shoes, Prada shoes, wedge flip flops, sandals, mohawk shoes, Jimmy Choo shoes, toning shoes, Soles4Souls, Paris Hilton‘s bunion, wingtip pumps, high heels, fashion shoes 2011, stiletto boots, cheetah boots, pregnant Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson sandals, Lanvin shoes, high heel boots, red carpet shoes, furry boots, ballet flats, Chanel eskimo boots, Louis Vuitton shoes, Rick Bella shoes, kitten heel boots, Kim Kardashian‘s high heels.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts! And I hope you find what you’re searching for! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Designer Shoes Do Not Have To Be High Heels!

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Designer Flats (photo from

Do you remember my Dec. 15th post Which Designer Shoes Do You Want? (By the way, the Gucci heels were definitely leading with the most votes. And throughout the year we will be featuring different designer shoes for you to vote on! We may even feature some of the leading shoe stories that are winning the contest!) Well, anyway, this post was a preview to our Designer Shoe Giveaway Contest that we’re currently holding. Please feel free to enter as many times as you wish. 🙂

In this post, I want to be clear that the designer shoes do not have to be high heels. Apparently, there was at least one individual who equates designer shoes with high heels, but as most of us shoe lovers know, designer shoes can be sandals, flats, boots, kitten heels, etc. They can even be the new flatforms…if you’re in to those (but judging from the comments on that post, most women gave the flatforms a big thumbs down). So to be fair to all of the designer shoes out there, let’s look at some that are not high heels…

Burberry embellished ballet flats

Cole Haan Air Avalon Tall Boots

Valentino studded patent leather kitten heel

Ann Taylor kitten heel sandal

Proenza Schouler Flat Zip Sandals


Miu Miu metallic banana flats

Christian Louboutin spiked zipper ballerina flats

Gucci pink thong logo sandals

And let’s not leave the men out either! If a man wins the contest with the best shoe story, he could win a pair of designer shoes too! (Yes, this contest is open to everyone! We are just looking for good shoe stories to share!)

Louis Vuitton


Christian Louboutin spiked flats for men

 I hope you enjoyed the variety of shoes in this post! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

This Shoe Could Be The Answer For You!

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This shoe could be the answer for you…if you love heels, hate flats, or experience foot pain when you wear your high heels! Really!!!
Spring 2011 Gucci ‘Nolita’ High Heel (left) and Mid-Heel (right) Sandals

So you like your high heels but they’re uncomfortable…and you don’t really want to wear flats, but you do it anyway to try to avoid the foot pain that you always get in your high heels…but the flats are uncomfortable too! Ugh!

What’s a girl to do???

Not to mention, you want to look sexy or at least cute, right? Ladies, the shoe makers have been listening to your complaints, and they are presenting you with the answer to your prayers…taaaa daaaaaaaa…


Spring 2011 Marni mid-heel sandals with chunky heels

These are not your classic kitten heels either. Mid heels are exactly that: mid-way between a flat and a high heel, assuming most high heels are about 4″ or more. Mid heels are usually in the 2-3″ range. And the heels of mid heels can be stiletto-style (as in a kitten heel) or they can be squared and chunky as seen above in the Marni examples. Mid heels can also be any style of women’s dress shoe too, such as pumps, peep toe pumps, sandals, oxfords, ankle booties, and even boots. Of course, the idea is to lower the heel to lessen foot pain that many women feel in the ball area of their foot due to the foot sliding forward in the shoe, thus placing more of the body weight on the ball of the foot as opposed to the heel area as it should be. The other main idea is to keep the look of a high heel. And I would also like to point out that some women are not comfortable in flat shoes with no arch suupport. A slightly elevated heel places the foot in a more balanced position than a completely flat shoe does. (This may be a little too technical, but in a flat shoe with no arch support, the foot tends to over-pronate which leads to heel pain.)

Let’s look at a few more examples in different styles and colors.

Gucci ‘New Hollwood’ mid-heel open-toe platform pump with horsebit detail

This shoe has a 3.15″ heel and can be found on for $525.00

Gucci 'Hollywood' mid-heel open-toe sandals

These Gucci sandals actually have a 3.3″ heel and are on sale for $329.00 (originally priced at $475.00) on

Gucci 'Sofia" mid-heel open-toe wedge pumps

A very similar mid-heel open-toe wedge pump with a 2.2″ heel is listed on the website for $195

Lanvin T-bar mid-heel court shoe in satin


Filippa Scott 2011 Spring Bridal Collection mid-heel shoes

The Filippa Scott 2010 Collection can be found on their website with a price range of $287.50 – $303.05

Miu Miu perforated mid-heel peep-toe pump

These pumps have a 2 7/8″ heel and are on sale for $403.20 (retail value $560.00) at

Miu Miu mid-heel zip-back oxford bootie


United Nude mid-heel sandals

These sandals can be found on sale for $117.23 (original price $241.36) at Asos

So tell me what you think…do you have your faves?

(I’m always taking polls to see what the women want in shoes!)

Do you like them? Do you like this trend? Or do you still prefer your high heels (or flat flats)?

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Shoe Trends Part 2: Like Them, Love Them or Hate Them? (Featuring @NineWest Shoes)

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Shoe Trends: Part II

(as projected by Nine West)

[Note: Part 1 posted yesterday lists Trends 1-7]

8. Metallics: Whether you’re talking gold, silver, copper, or bronze, the metallics have been a hot trend in women’s shoes lately. I think this one can be tricky because unless you use leather or other quality materials, these shoes can look cheap. So just be careful of that. I have one pair made out of leather that I love, with the right outfit of course.

SYDNEY peep toe bootie in pewter leather on sale for $49.99

9. Menswear: I must admit I’m so glad to see these shoes making a comeback! I have always loved this style, especially the high heeled oxford. I also love (and blogged about) the high heeled wingtip pumps. I think they always look classy. They can be worn in the office all day and are actually pretty comfortable. Again, with the laces, you can wear your orthotics which always helps. 🙂

CASSIE peep toe oxford $130.00

10. Caged Look: These are basically strappy sandals with tons of straps or pumps with tons of cutout details (like the one below) that give the illusion of tons of straps. I like the look. I think it’s very sexy, and can add a lot to an outfit.

NOLETTA round toe caged bootie $99.99

11. Mid-Heel: Expect to see a lot of these in the spring 2011 collections. They are shoes with about a two-inch heel, like a kitten heel but not necessarily the same shape as a kitten heel. Some of them are shaped like kitten heels but some are very squared and chunky too. The shoe makers are listening to women’s complaints regarding the inability to wear the super high heels, and this is the result. I know many women who hate kitten heels and mid-heels (and flats), but hey there’s a little bit of something for everyone, right? I wear both flats and heels, so I say yes to the mid-heel.

BAIL pointed toe pump with low 2″ heel in tan suede on sale for $49.99

12. The Blues: This includes all shade of dark blue (navy, denim, and dark blue). If you wear a lot of navy suits to an office, I think they would be great for you. I don’t wear much navy, so I can’t see myself spending the money on dark blue shoes. But that’s just me. I think this shoe below is beautiful, and I could see myself buying it in a black, gray, or camel color.

VERBINIA navy suede platform pump on sale for $49.99

13. Neutrals: We’re talking camel, tan, tobacco, natural leather. I have always loved these colors although I only own a few. I think it’s great that they’re trending right now just in time for spring. I’ve seen a lot of these in the spring 2011 collections already, so be on the lookout for these soon. 🙂

MARGERITA high heel sandal in tobacco leather on sale for $69.99

14. Animal Prints: Leopard, zebra, and pony prints are hot right now! You can see them in everything from flats to pumps to boots and everything in between! (Purses are included too, although I’m glad that the cow print and zebra print purses are out, because I never liked those. And what women wants to be associated with a cow anyway???) 

SMOOCH round toe leather pump on sale for $69.99

So tell me what you think…do you have your faves?

(I’m always taking polls to see what the women want in shoes!)

Do you love any of them? Do you like all of the m? Do you hate any of them?

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”


Shoe Trends Part 1: Like Them, Love Them or Hate Them? (Featuring @NineWest Shoes)

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Shoe Trends: Part I

(as projected by Nine West)

1. Ladylike: Be on the lookout for shoes with feminine details like bows, rosettes, rouching, and lace in satins, leathers, and suedes. In the spring, we will also see bright colors such as citrus shades that fall into this category as well. I love the ladylike details on shoes as long as they’re not too big and taking over the shoe. I have a pair of black suede peep toe ankle booties with a rosette on the side that always gets compliments! 🙂

GIRLIE in black satin on sale for $89.99

2. Utility: This military-inspired trend features a lot of buckles, straps, and laces in browns, blacks, and even camouflage. These shoes also tend to have thicker soles (which means they tend to be more comfortable). If you like boots like I do, then you’re bound to have at least one of these in your closet. 🙂

DONLEY military-style boots on sale for $119.99

3. Lacing: Laces are everywhere right now! Picture laces on flat boots, high heel boots, ankle booties, peep toe booties, high heel oxfords, and flat oxfords. I love the lacing trend. For those of us who wear orthotics in our shoes, they will fit in almost any shoe that has laces!

CASILDA suede lace-up flat tall boots $99.99

4. Jewels & Accents: These shoes have been all over the red carpets this year! From crystals to jewels to glitter to other sparkly accents, they are definitely here to stay. And they’re on pumps, strappy sandals, ankle booties, and even on straps on boots. Again, as long as they are not too big and taking over the shoe, I think they look good….but I have seen a few shoes that just look too “be-jeweled” for my taste.

ELNORA peep toe pump with jewel embellishment $69.99

5. Open Toe Booties: I think that out of all of the shoe trends here, this is the one that has had the biggest impact on the market. They are everywhere! And they come in all shades, all materials, all types of cutouts and designs. They have really taken off as a shoe type, and they are not going away any time soon. I have a couple of them, and I have to admit that they are comfortable. For women who need an open toe shoe, here you go! It’s a boot and an open toe heel all in one!

EMPRYSS open toe ankle bootie on sale for $39.99

6. Motorcycle: This trend isn’t new. Motorcycle boots have been around for ages, but it has made a comeback in the women’s shoe market. They’re mostly flat, so of course they’re comfortable (but there are some high heel styles too). The toe box tends to be wider and rounded, again adding comfort. I say yes, as long as they still look feminine.

BARSTOOL suede bootie with chain detail on sale for $149.99

7. Faux Fur: There is so much variation in this trend. The fur can be just the liner or just on the cuff or on the entire upper of the boot. In these cold fall and winter months, just about everywhere you look you’ll see a variation of these. I love mine!

PRISKA faux fur cuff high heel boot on sale for $129.99

[Note: I had to post this in two parts because it was just too long for one, so Part 2 will be posted tomorrow and will list #8-14!]

So tell me what you think…do you have your faves?

(I’m always taking polls to see what the women want in shoes!)

Do you love any of them? Do you like all of the m? Do you hate any of them?

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

“Pump Day” Wednesday

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It’s the first day of fall, so let’s take a look at some great fall pumps!

My perfect pump for the fall is grey, and it’s high (but remember what I always say as a foot doctor and shoe lover, everything in moderation! Ladies, we can wear our stilettos if it is for a short time, and if we don’t overdo it!)

Whether open toe or closed toe, I love each and every one of these pumps!

Here are some of my top picks for this week:





Ann Taylor's Granite lizard platform pumps $198.00 Ann Taylor’s Granite lizard platform pumps $198.00




J. Crew's Coddington suede platform pumps $228.00 J. Crew’s Coddington suede platform pumps $228.00




Jessica Simpson's Debbie suede pumps $21.00 Jessica Simpson’s Debbie suede pumps $21.00





Stuart Weitzman's Femina stamped lizard peep toe pumps $219.00 Stuart Weitzman’s Femina stamped lizard peep toe pumps $219.00




G by GUESS peep toe pump $59.50 G by GUESS peep toe pump $59.50




Qupid's Rise peep toe pumps $29.99 Qupid’s Rise peep toe pumps $29.99


 🙂  My picks for this week’s “Pump Day” Wednesday!  🙂

(Just a note about these wonderful, delicious heels: As you can see, you do not have to spend a fortune to look great this fall! There are some great deals out there in every price range. But make sure they fit good and feel great before you leave the store because the last thing you want to do is invest in some beautiful shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable to wear once you get them home!)

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

























“Pump Day” Wednesday

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You’ve heard of “Hump Day” Wednesday, but what about “Pump Day” Wednesday?

That’s right! It’s Pump Day Wednesday! Let’s take a look at our favorite pumps…you know, the weekend is right around the corner so let’s get ready for it by planning out what we’re going to wear (on our feet) to those dinners, parties, and everything else.


And let’s face it, women love pumps. Well, women love shoes in general, but pumps in particular. There are so many styles of pumps to choose from these days…from classic to peep toe to strappy to platform to kitten heels…and then there are the colors, embellishments, and materials from leather to suede to python, etc. Wow, who knew there was so much going on with pumps?!


  And why do we love them so much? They’re sexy. Linda O’Keeffe describes it pretty well in her book  Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More. “Physically, it is impossible for a woman to cower in high heels. She is forced to take a stand, to strike a pose, because anatomically her center of gravity has been displaced forward. Her lower back arches, her spina and legs seem to lengthen and her chest thrusts forward. Her calves and ankles appear shaplier, and her arches seem to heave out of her shoes.”


Here are a few examples for last week’s “Pump Day” Wednesday:



Peep Toe:



Kitten Heels:

Um…I think I would wear any of these! Yeah, for sure I would! 🙂

Please feel free to comment on any of these pumps or post pictures of your own pumps that you own, love, or would love to own. 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 🙂


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