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Kate Middleton Judging High Heel Design Contest

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“Her Highness on Heels”  is the story that ABC News reported earlier today about Kate Middleton who will be judging a high heel design competition at De Montfort University. The six lucky design students have submitted their sexy shoe designs, and we will find out next week who wins.  The six students are Tabita Duffield, Sam Sawkill, Kay Yeng Chang, Summer Spencer, Mei Chun Lei, and Becka Hunt from the university in Lester, England. The winning design will go in to production, and Kate will be presented with a pair to wear for all the world to see.

And just watch, the winning design will become one of the hottest trends in shoes in the next season…because whatever Kate Middleton wears and endorses gets noticed! She has become not only a ducess but also a serious fashionista!

Good luck to all of them!

Here is one of the contestants with her design:

Watch the whole story here:

Summer: Beach Chic

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Summer: Beach Chic

Summer: Beach Chic by dr.michele featuring lace up high heels

Leifsdottir strapless corset dress
$328 –

3 1 Phillip Lim high waisted short short
$225 –

Gucci lace up high heels
$3,750 –

Miu Miu studded handbag
$1,450 –

Austique gold plated bracelet
125 GBP –

Heart jewelry
6 GBP –

Juicy Couture heart jewelry
$148 –

Melissa Odabash beach hat
150 EUR –

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$108 –

Gucci braided leather belt
$690 –

NARS Illuminator – Orgasm
$29 –

Lagray Crochet Butterfly Cardigan
$123 –

send my love necklace by Violet Bella
$22 –

My Polyvore Set “4 SHOE LOVERS”

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4 SHOE LOVERS by dr.michele featuring rodarte shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood high heel shoes
605 GBP –

Charlotte Olympia suede heels
$860 –

Steven by Steve Madden wedge shoes
$149 –

Alexander mcqueen shoes
$1,395 –

Victoria’s Secret platform shoes
$90 –

Sam edelman shoes
$99 –

Leather shoes
$695 –

Jimmy choo heels
$1,850 –

$124 –

Rodarte shoes
2.090 EUR –

Betsey Johnson floral heels
$100 –

Pink shoes
200 GBP –

Yves Saint Laurent sandal heels
$995 –

White stiletto heels
4.99 GBP –

Philipp Plein peeptoe shoes

Christian Louboutin stacked heel
$695 –

Guess Shoes stiletto pumps
$100 –

Can Wedges Be Sexy Too?

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A friend was at my house the other day, and we were discussing shoes (of course! LOL!) when she asked me about wedges…

Her: “I just don’t get wedges.”

Me: “Why? What don’t you get?”

Her: “I think they’re ugly. Why do so many people wear them?”

Me: “They’re not all ugly! Besides, they’re pretty comfortable.”

Her: “Really?”

Me: “Uh-huh. Wait here. I want you to try mine.”

Me: I run down the hall and fetch a pair of mine from my closet.

Her: She tries them on. “Wow! They ARE comfortable! Hmmf. I never knew!”

Me: Big smile. 🙂

So that little conversation got me thinking…can wedges really be pretty and feminine and sexy? And can they be as sexy as other high heeled shoes like stilettos or peep toe pumps???

When women are asked why they love their heels, most women reply with something referring to sexiness:

“I feel sexy when I wear them.” or “I love the way they make my legs look.” (i.e. long and sexy)

So…back to the wedges…are they as sexy as other heels??? Here  are a few examples of wedges to get you thinking…

Jimmy Choo











Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

Would You Rather Look Good or Feel Good?

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A pair of high-heeled shoes.

Image via Wikipedia

Women were asked these questions about their shoes:

What do you love most about your high heels?

When speaking with women of many different ages, occupations, races, and sizes, these are some of the most common answers:

  • I love being taller.
  • I love the way they make my legs look.
  • I love feeling powerful in my high heels.
  • I feel sexy when I’m wearing heels.

When asked if they would rather look good or feel good, what do you think the most common answer was? (Let’s just assume that these are the only two choices…either look good or feel good…both is not an option.) Here are some of the comments:

  • I’d rather look good.
  • I don’t mind sacrificing a little in order to look good.
  • I’d rather look sexy.
  • I’ll put up with the pain of my high heels if I look good.
  • I don’t mind being in pain for a little while if I look good.

This is baffling to most men and even to some women…but nevertheless many women feel this way and will not give up on their precious heels.

What would you say? What is your answer? Would you rather look good or feel comfortable? Please comment below! If you like this sort of discussion, I will post the results of some other polls I have taken on women and their shoes. 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

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