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March 2011 L.A. Transit Shoe Show

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OK fans, I am headed to the show today in L.A. and want to know what types of shoes you want to see! I’ll try to get some good pics of the latest shoe trends for this fall! 🙂

Dr. Michele

FN Platform: Fall 2011 Sweater Boots

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I know it’s not even spring or summer yet, but the shoe shows are always at least one season ahead of us so that the buyers for the retail stores can see what’s coming out, place orders, and have the shoes in the stores in time for all of us shoppers to buy them!

So what are some of the trends for this fall? Boots of course! You name it…ankle booties, wedge boots, stiletto heel boots, open toe boots, sweater boots…

Here are just a few of the popular sweater boots:

Lisa for Donald J Pliner

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

If You Love UGGs, You’re Going To Love Them Even More Now!

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This is a serious new combo that you have to try if you wear UGGs!


Ok, I have to preface this new find with this statement: I was not a huge supporter of UGGs boots in the beginning. They were just not supportive enough for me. I didn’t like how flat the insole was…until now! OMG, my feet are in love with this combo:

UGGs boots with the new Aetrex Lynco L900 Sheepskin Orthotics

It’s like a match made in heaven! I’m not even trying to be funny. The combination of the roomy sheepskin UGGs boots with the Aetrex sheepskin orthotics is like a putting your foot in a warm, fluffy (but supportive) pillow. It’s like when you buy a new mattress that fits you perfectly with just the right amount of support. Ahhh.   


Obviously, you are going to have to try them out for yourself to know what kind of foot heaven I am talking about…The Lyncos only cost about $60 a pair and are so so so worth it!

[Note: Both UGGs and Aetrex are involved in shoe-related philanthropic events and organizations throughout the country.]

And just a reminder that back in September I showed you how far UGGs have come with their stylish new styles, from sandals to flats to clogs to wedge boots to high heel boots and of course the famous classic boots, hiking boots, rain boots, and slippers. Like I said in  my last blog, they’re not just oversized slippers anymore!

These are my absolute favorite UGGs boots:

Yeah, I like wedge boots. But I love, love, love my UGGs Classic Boots with my Aetrex Sheepskin Orthotics even more!!! 🙂

Thank you UGGs and Aetrex for doing this to my feet! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”


My Favorite Stuart Weitzman Booties for Fabulous Friday

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Shoe lovers, I’d love to see your favorite boots & booties too!

I’m feeling a fabulous Friday approaching, so I need to post some of My Favorite ____ for Fabulous Friday!” And I am still feeling the sexy style of Stuart Weitzman…so here are some of My Favorite Stuart Weitzman ankle boots:

Stuart Weitzman Camden zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Of course, it’s almost winter so we’re still talking boots, booties, and more boots. Tall, over the knee, ankle, whatever, but all of them are still hot! As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I love grey. The detail on this shoe is a nice surprise in that chunky heel (a trend we’ll be seeing more of this spring and fall)…and another trend we’re going to see more of in the spring 2011 shoes is acrylic in the heel. Just watch! 😉

Stuart Weitzman camel suede DC Frosty platform cuff booties $285.00 at Bluefly

Of course, another bootie. But this one looks so warm and comfy (and sexy!). The furry cuff is a nice touch, and I love this color! It just looks luxurious, and I think I’m in love with these shoes. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Ontherail zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

I know this color is bold and makes a strong statement, but whether or not you love this blue, you have to admit this is one beautiful shoe! I happen to love this shade of blue although I don’t own any shoes in this color (the closest ones would be my Kuru’s, my Crocs, and my running shoes). The zipper detail in the back and the silver heel add some more sparkle and nice touches too. By the way, these shoes are on sale this week for $360.00! 😉

Stuart Weitzman BuckKeen zip booties $525.00 at Zappos

Talk about a festive holiday shoe! I love this color during this time of year; it’s so much better than plain old red. And the buckle is a nice little additon. Yes, please! 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Fringes zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Fringes were another big trend this season, so here you go! Fringes on a Stuart Weitzman bootie…you can’t go wrong here!

 Stuart Weitzman Safetybelt zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

And last but not least, the Safetybelt zip booties. Grey again! But this time it’s two shades of grey, some black, and a buckle…I’m asking myself right now “why don’t I own these yet?!”

Dedicated to your foot health and your shoes,

 Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 

“All shoes, all the time!”

Shoe Trend: Shearling Boots

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With this cold winter weather, everyone is trying to keep warm. And as a podiatrist, I must add that warm is good! Warm is especially good for people with cold feetdiabetes, circulatory problems, connective tissue disorders, gout, peripheral vascular disease, anemia, and various causes of foot pain. When someone has one of these conditions and their feet get cold, their feet will hurt even more. Of course, there are obvious reasons for keeping our feet warm, like preventing frostbite…So let’s all keep our tootsies warm this winter whether we have any of these conditions or not.

And so with the cold, the shearling boots are trending in stores and in online sales. I’ve been keeping my eye on some of these boots that look warm, comfy, and cute! Tell me what you think. I’m just going to add that I would wear any of these. 🙂

Cole Haan Air Michelle Tall Shearling Boot $278.60 at 6pm

Rockport Gerti Welt Shearling Boots $225 at Macy’s

Maison Martin Margiela Tall Shearling Boots $1,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Cabela’s Winterchase Tall Shearling Boots $79.99 at Cabela’s

And just to make this list complete, I’m including two of my furry boots from my own closet:

my furry boots

my furry Skechers boots

They are both warm, comfy, and cute…and both have their special time and place for me to wear them. We can only wear our heels for the right occasion, even if they are boots! As a foot doctor & shoe expert, I know when and where to wear mine. I’ve been known to wear 5″ heels out on the town, but for everyday at the office or for walking out in the cold rainy weather, I wear what works best: comfortable shoes that keep me warm and pain-free. Just a reminder for my shoe lovers! 😉 Keep your feet feeling great!

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All shoes, all the time!”

It’s my birthday…so I had to post my Shoe Wish List

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To all of  my girls out there, fashionistas and shoe lovers, I know you have one too…a Shoe Wish List, right? I want to know what you ladies want!

To all of our men out there, please take notes and read our wish lists! We love when you get us what we REALLY want! Don’t we, gurls? 😉 Well, here’s my Top Ten shoe desires…a girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

1. I can not say it enough…I am in love with these Stuart Weitzman over the knee black leather boots!

Stuart Weitzman OTK black leather flat boots $665 at Neiman Marcus

2. In a very close second place are the black flat leather boots that I tried on at the Paseo Colorado Cole Haan store in Pasadena. They were the most comfortable boots EVER!

Cole Haan Air Avalon Tall Boots $348.00 at Cole Haan

3. Since it keeps raining here in Southern California (yes, I know…stop complaining about the rain because we have it pretty good here with our weather…), I am definitely in need of some rain boots. I found two that I like:

Burberry Ankle Rain Shoes $150 at


Coach Isabella puffy short boot $198 at Coach

4. This next pair match perfectly with this new little sexy dress, so I have to have them! haha!

Carlos by Carlos Santana Entice Ruby Red strappy sandals $88.95 at

5. Maybe this pair should be higher on the list because who doesn’t want a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes?

Jimmy Choo Aston leather sandals $1295.00 at

6.  Same with this one: who doesn’t want a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps? I don’t have any in nude or camel YET! 🙂

Christian Louboutin Bibi suede platform pumps $795.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

7. For an open toe pump, these Lanvin shoes are awesome! I think I could definitely handle these! 😉

Lanvin Jacquard bow pump $850.00 at Bergdorf Goodman

8. Well, what can I say? Stuart Weitzman made it to my top 10 wish list twice!

Stuart Weitzman's Femina stamped lizard peep toe pumps $219.00

9. I’ve seen a few lace pumps this season that were great, including these Alexander McQueens!

Alexander McQueen Lace Pumps $935

10. Well, I couldn’t really do a top 10 list without mentioning Manolo Blahnik…and if I’m gonna wear cheetah, it may as well be these boots! Roar! haha

Manolo Blahnik cheetah print boots $1695.00

Well, I could go on and on…and I probably will later…LOL. For now, that’s all folks! –Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert (and birthday girl)

Can loafers ever REALLY make a comeback?

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For several seasons now loafers have been trying to make a comeback on the fashion scene, but they never seem to really pull it off. What do you think? Can loafers ever REALLY make a comeback? They’ve actually come a long way, baby! Of course, there are still the same traditional styles of loafers out there like the penny loafer, but there are now loafers with animal print, wedges, and high heels. Let’s take a look at some of the various styles of loafers on sale this fall…maybe you’ll like them and even wear them!

Aetrex Nancy Buckle Loafers $144.95 at

Aetrex Nancy Buckle Loafers $144.95 at


I actually sell these Aetrex loafers in my office, and my patients love them! They like the fact that they are super comfy and still stylish with the patent leather croc upper.

Aerosoles Matter of Fact Loafers $39.99 at

Aerosoles Matter of Fact Loafers $39.99 at

For this price, it would be worth it to try these out! If I needed to wear some loafers for a long day at the office, I would give these a whirl. They’re kinda cute, and Aerosoles have a reputation for being very comfortable.
Coach Sharin Loafers $109.99 at eBay

Coach Sharin Loafers $109.99 at eBay

I actually own these, so I can say that these are comfortable, durable, and, well, they’re Coach so they never really go out of style. I would definitely recommend them!
Gucci Patent Script Logo Rubber Lug Loafers $405.99 at

Gucci Patent Script Logo Rubber Lug Loafers $405.99 at

I saw these on and had to include them…of course, I love black and gray, especially when they’re together, but the other reason I like these is the rubber lug sole. I have not tried these on YET but with a sole like that, these have to feel good! These are now on my “to do list.” 🙂
Dr Martens High Heel Loafers $120.00 at Wild Free

Dr Martens High Heel Loafers $120.00 at Wild Free

So now we’re getting into the loafers with heels, but these are Dr Martens, so even with a heel I bet these are still pretty comfortable. Look at the sole. It’s like the last rubber sole we looked at…gotta love the rubber, thick soles! Well, our feet will love them anyway! 🙂
Chloe Cork Wedge Penny Loafers $276.00 at

Chloe Cork Wedge Penny Loafers $276.00 at

I have to admit these are pretty high! But I wanted to include them in this discussion to show you the different styles of loafers out there. But back to this particular shoe…although it’s super high, the cork wedge does add a lot to the comfort of the shoe. I don’t own these, but the cork wedge sandals that I do own are about this high and are really comfortable. I wouldn’t work a long shift in them, but for a lunch date or a meeting where I’d be sitting for a while, I would give them a try. Plus, I kinda like the colors. It’s fun wearing shoes that stand out a little. 🙂
Tod's Newze Loafer Wedges $396.00 at
Tod’s Newze Loafer Wedges $396.00 at

Here’s another wedge loafer but they’re not as high as the last ones…plus, look at the sole. Although they’re thin soled, the sole still looks like it has the rubber grip and cushion that we’ve seen in a couple of the other loafers. They just might be more comfortable on your feet than they seem at first glance. There are a lot of things to consider when looking at comfort, and most people look first at the heel height. But we also have to look at sole thickness, materials used, shape of the toe box, etc.

Well, what do you think? Do you own loafers? But more importantly, do you still wear your loafers? And do you think they’re still stylish?
My answers to these questions: Yes, I own them. Yes, sometimes I wear them for the right occasion. And yes, I think many of them are stylish (but I especially like the ones that stand out, the ones that are not just your regular old penny loafer).
–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert–
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