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“Pump Day” Wednesday

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You’ve heard of “Hump Day” Wednesday, but what about “Pump Day” Wednesday?

That’s right! It’s Pump Day Wednesday! Let’s take a look at our favorite pumps…you know, the weekend is right around the corner so let’s get ready for it by planning out what we’re going to wear (on our feet) to those dinners, parties, and everything else.


And let’s face it, women love pumps. Well, women love shoes in general, but pumps in particular. There are so many styles of pumps to choose from these days…from classic to peep toe to strappy to platform to kitten heels…and then there are the colors, embellishments, and materials from leather to suede to python, etc. Wow, who knew there was so much going on with pumps?!


  And why do we love them so much? They’re sexy. Linda O’Keeffe describes it pretty well in her book  Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More. “Physically, it is impossible for a woman to cower in high heels. She is forced to take a stand, to strike a pose, because anatomically her center of gravity has been displaced forward. Her lower back arches, her spina and legs seem to lengthen and her chest thrusts forward. Her calves and ankles appear shaplier, and her arches seem to heave out of her shoes.”


Here are a few examples for last week’s “Pump Day” Wednesday:



Peep Toe:



Kitten Heels:

Um…I think I would wear any of these! Yeah, for sure I would! 🙂

Please feel free to comment on any of these pumps or post pictures of your own pumps that you own, love, or would love to own. 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 🙂


Sunday’s Fun Days

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Sundays are for resting, relaxing, going to brunch, spending time with friends and family, watching football, and basically having fun, right? Mellow, relaxed fun, but still fun! (Sundays are also for rejuvenating and getting ready for another busy week, but let’s not talk about that yet! Let’s save that for Monday’s blog!) Let’s take a look at some fun foot fashions for this week’s Sunday’s Fun Days:

Although school has started and the end of September is drawing near, it doesn’t feel too much like fall is approaching…it’s still hot and sunny here in Southern California, so this Sunday could be a beach day for sure! For the beach, here are some cute and comfortable fun sun shoes:

wedge beach sandals by Michael Kors $89.00 at

wedge beach sandals by Michael Kors $89.00 at


wedge beach sandals by Clarks $80.00 at

wedge beach sandals by Clarks $80.00 at


wedge beach sandals by Jack Rogers $73.57 at

wedge beach sandals by Jack Rogers $73.57 at


beach sandals by Crocs $19.99 at Crocs

beach sandals by Crocs $19.99 at Crocs


beach flip-flops by Orthaheel $59.99 at Footwear etc.

beach flip-flops by Orthaheel $59.99 at Footwear etc.

The Orthaheels are also available for sale in my online store for $54.95:

Sandalistas beach sandals by aetrex $129.97 at Healthy Feet

Sandalistas beach sandals by aetrex $129.97 at Healthy Feet

 The Sandalistas sandals by aetrex are also available for sale in my office for $80.00 plus shipping & handling. Click this link for contact information:

Just a note about the last two sandals: Both of these sandals are super comfy with the built-in orthotic, and that is why, as a podiatrist and shoe expert, I sell them in my office. Most patients can fit into them comfortably, and the orthotics that are built into the Sandalistas can be adjusted (if necessary), making them customizable for certain foot conditions. I have a pair of each of these sandals, so I can personally recommend them for you!  🙂

Next Sunday let’s look at some other fun shoes, and I will include some that I personally own and wear! 🙂

 –Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“Step Away from the Sneakers?”

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Have you seen’s new ad that reads “STEP AWAY FROM THE SNEAKERS”? As a podiatrist and shoe expert, I think it’s great! It shows a woman wearing lace-up military-style black booties with a heel of about 4 inches. Click this link or see ad below:,2175174,imgLinkModuleShopAds&clink=2175174

So, let’s all take a step away from the sneakers this fall and find other comfortable shoes and boots that are also stylish. This goes perfectly with my Facebook Fan Page Shoe Quote of the Day: “Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about” by Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes can and should be comfortable AND fashionable at the same time. Who says we have to sacrifice one for the other? I say we don’t have to. As a foot doctor, I think that if we just lower the heel a little and use the right materials, our shoes can look great and feel even better! 🙂

Let’s look at some examples of shoes and boots that we can wear this fall that are both comfortable and beautiful!

1. Boots:

2. Booties: 

3. Flats:

4. Shoes with ankle straps:

5. Kitten heels:

(All of the shoes above can be found and purchased on ‘s website.)

Just one last thing: Don’t get me wrong…I’m a woman, a doctor, and a shoe lover! And I love my sneakers and wear them when appropriate, like when I’m running or going to the gym or while I’m operating in the O.R., but we really do need comfortable shoes to wear to those dinner parties, networking meetings, work functions, etc. And what about the women who work in an office or other professional setting? They should not have to choose between pretty heels that hurt their feet and comfortable shoes that are ugly as ____!!!

Let’s hear it for this ad and for the fall shoes this season! Hooray for getting it, Piperlime! 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Boots, booties, and more boots!

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Boots are everywhere this fall! So, where do we start? There are a few must haves this season that every girl should have in her closet. Let’s look at a few examples, from peep toe booties to military style to kitten heels to thigh high stilettos to furry boots.

1. Open toe booties are everywhere, in all colors, with all types of embellishments and heels:

2. Military themed boots, from designer labels to faux leather:

3. Kitten heel boots, comfortable and stylish:

4. Thigh high stiletto boots:

5. Furry boots:

Of course, you don’t need all of these, but at least a few will do for the cold months that are just around the corner. What’s in my boot closet for the fall? Here are just a few of my boots that fall into these categories…

My open toe booties:

My thigh high stiletto boots:

My military style boots:

My furry boots: and

🙂  Dr. Michele

Kitten heels are back!

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This is GREAT news for those of us shoe lovers who have been walking around in higher and higher stilettos and platforms for the past few years! Yes, it’s true…kitten heels are back for the fall season! So no more sore feet from the super high heels. From a medical perspective, if you’re going to wear heels, kitten heels are a great choice for the feet. The heel height is usually within the 2.5″ or less height recommendation from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The lower heel causes less force to be placed on the front of the foot, causing less pain and inflammation from prolonged use of way-too-high heels. And we can all relate to that pain after we’ve been in our 5″ (or highter) stilettos, right?

So let’s take a look at some of the hot and still sexy kitten heels that will be out this fall:

1. Leopard Print: 

2. Zebra Print:

3. Sandals:

4. Classy:

5. Boots, even thigh-high boots:

6. Booties:

7. Red pumps:

So whatever style of heel you love, you can find it this season in a kitten heel…try it, you and your feet just may like it!

–Dr. Michele, podiatrist, shoe expert, shoe lover

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