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You Too Can Own Bella Swan’s Wedding Shoes!

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So did you see the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part I, yet? If you haven’t seen it…spoiler alert…these are the gorgeous wedding shoes that Bella Swan wore in the movie. And you can buy them and wear them for your own wedding or other special occasion if you want…for $1,295.00 from Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus.

Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pump

Just keeping you informed. 🙂

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Christian Louboutin Back in Court Today!

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Christian Louboutin Very Prive: oxblood glitte...

Image via Wikipedia

The case is not over yet!

Christian Louboutin’s lawyers urged U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in New York not to convert his earlier refusal to bar Yves Saint Laurent from selling its own red-soled shoes into an outright cancellation of the U.S. trademark. The judge said today he will delay a ruling while Louboutin appeals his decision.

“The better course is to simply allow the appeal to proceed and halt any further proceedings till we get guidance” from the New York-based federal circuit court, Marrero said.

The judge on Aug. 10 rejected Christian Louboutin’s request for a preliminary injunction to protect the trademark while the case proceeds, saying it’s not likely to win its fight for a trademark for a color.

“Color serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition,” Judge Marrero said, and “Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection.”

Louboutin, a Paris-based fashion company, said in the lawsuit, filed in April, that Yves Saint Laurent’s red-soled shoes “threaten to mislead the public.”

Lee C. Bromberg, a lawyer for Louboutin, argued today that the company needed more time to show why the trademark shouldn’t be canceled. “We need an additional opportunity to marshal evidence,” Bromberg told the judge. He said he seeks evidence on how the fashion industry operates, how designers select colors and whether Louboutin’s trademark would be a “hindrance to competition,” as the judge indicated in his ruling.

Jyotin Hamid, a lawyer for Yves Saint Laurent, argued that a search for evidence would be time-consuming and costly.

Yves Saint Laurent began selling shoes with red outsoles “long before Mr. Louboutin began using them,” David Bernstein, a lawyer for the company, said at a hearing last month.

Christian Louboutin, the designer for whom the company is named, got the idea for the red soles when he painted red nail polish on the black soles of a pair of women’s shoes. All of Louboutin’s luxury shoes have had red soles since their introduction in 1992, according to court papers. “Louboutin is only in the shoe business,” Bromberg said.

Louboutin’s high-heeled shoes are priced from $535 to $4,645 a pair on the website of department store Barneys. They have been popularized by actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker in the television show “Sex and the City.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Louboutin a trademark for the red sole in 2008, according to the company’s complaint.

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YSL “Winning” vs. Christian Louboutin in the Case of the Red Soled Shoes!

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christian louboutin black patent clichy photo

Image via Wikipedia

This just in: Christian Louboutin‘s request for an injunction to stop sales of red-soled shoes made by Yves Saint Laurent has been denied by U.S. Federal judge, Judge Victor Marrero, who said that Louboutin wasn’t able to prove that its red soles deserve trademark protection.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the judge stated “Because in the fashion industry colour serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection.” 

With the injunction denied, it looks unlikely that Louboutin will win its case against YSL, since it too relies on the association of the red sole only with Louboutin.

Note: YSL claims that the YSL red- soled shoes in question have been selling since 2004.

So what do you think? Do you think you can trademark a color and prevent other designers from using it? Do you think Christian Louboutin should win? Or do you agree with the judge??? Inquiring minds want to know…

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Royal Wedding Shoes

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Well, it’s been over a week since the Royal Wedding, and people are still talking about what the royal family was wearing on Kate Middleton’s & Prince William’s wedding day! And as you know, we are only talking shoes on this blog…so here they are: The Royal Wedding Shoes!

For her wedding day, Kate Middleton wore custom-made shoes by Alexander McQueen‘s Sarah Burton and her design team, which were made to match the lace wedding dress (also by the British designer Sarah Burton). These shoes were made with “ivory duchesse satin with lace hand-embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework,” according to the Royal Web site.

And although it’s only a little over a week since the wedding, you can already purchase shoes similar to her pair at the online designer shopping site Net-a-porter, which is offering exclusive lace-covered nude rounded toe satin pumps by Alexander McQueen. The heels are 4 ½-inches high and retail for $995. For more fashion-forward footwear, the site also offers an exclusive pair of 6-inch white silk-satin heels with a bold white and gold resin leaf heel by Alexander McQueen that cost $1,675.

And what about Pippa Middleton’s shoes? has the scoop that Pippa wore the “Lynn” silver leather sandal with diamante detailing by London footwear designer Aruna Seth. “We were truly honored to see Pippa wearing our gorgeous Lynn silver sandals on the Royal Wedding day, a great choice to match her beautiful Temperley dress,” Seth told InStyle exclusively. “Pippa looked truly stunning and was the most perfect bridesmaid for Kate. We hope she chooses more shoes from Aruna Seth as she becomes even more of a global style icon.” InStyle also  reports that the designer sent ten pairs of shoes to Pippa before the wedding. The shoes Pippa chose, shown, are available online at for approximately $810.

Another pair of royal wedding shoes that deserves mentioning is the sky high pair of custom-made Christian Louboutins that Victoria Beckham wore…while almost seven months pregnant! (Not a good idea for expectant mothers…in fact, it is quite dangerous!)

Another bit of shoes-worthy talk is the pair of shoes that Kate wore as she departed for her honeymoon with Prince William. These patent leather wedges by London chain LK Bennett  are called the “Greta wedge,” but they were recently discontinued…until now!  According to sources in the industry, “The Kate” will return to the LK Bennett lineup in June.

Well, as we can see, both the royal family and their guests were wearing the finest designer shoes (and dresses) to this royal affair…and we just can’t get enough of it, can we? (OK, maybe some of us can!!!) And I’m sure that Kate’s shoes will get more and more attention as she shows off more of her styles.

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Summer: Beach Chic

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Summer: Beach Chic

Summer: Beach Chic by dr.michele featuring lace up high heels

Leifsdottir strapless corset dress
$328 –

3 1 Phillip Lim high waisted short short
$225 –

Gucci lace up high heels
$3,750 –

Miu Miu studded handbag
$1,450 –

Austique gold plated bracelet
125 GBP –

Heart jewelry
6 GBP –

Juicy Couture heart jewelry
$148 –

Melissa Odabash beach hat
150 EUR –

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$108 –

Gucci braided leather belt
$690 –

NARS Illuminator – Orgasm
$29 –

Lagray Crochet Butterfly Cardigan
$123 –

send my love necklace by Violet Bella
$22 –

Which Christian Louboutins Are Your Favorites?

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Image by laverrue via Flickr

Some of our readers’ favorite Christian Louboutins!

From the 2011 Christian Louboutin Fall Collection

From the 2011 collection as well…what do you think of the color? 🙂

Voted “Sexiest Shoe” in 2011

These glitter peep toe pumps were a favorite among our readers on NYE!


Spiked heels were all the rage this year!

Another spiked version of Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps

Like these furry boots or not, they were all over the place on the celebrities!

Let me know what you think. Christian Louboutin shoes, with their famous red soles, are the most prized possessions of some of our dedicated readers and are wanted by shoe lovers all over the world! No wonder they make the headlines so often, lawsuit or no lawsuit!

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

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Christian Louboutin Strikes Again!

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It’s only been about a week since the news came out about Christian Louboutin suing YSL over red-soled shoes…and now another company, Carmen Steffens, is being sued by Christian Louboutin for the same thing!  

Here is a look at the shoes in question:

Photo from


Photo from


Photo from

 What do you think? Do the shoes look alike enough to warrant a lawsuit or two? Are the red colors close enough? Are there more lawsuits coming? We shall stay tuned to see…

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

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