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Kitten heels are back!

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This is GREAT news for those of us shoe lovers who have been walking around in higher and higher stilettos and platforms for the past few years! Yes, it’s true…kitten heels are back for the fall season! So no more sore feet from the super high heels. From a medical perspective, if you’re going to wear heels, kitten heels are a great choice for the feet. The heel height is usually within the 2.5″ or less height recommendation from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The lower heel causes less force to be placed on the front of the foot, causing less pain and inflammation from prolonged use of way-too-high heels. And we can all relate to that pain after we’ve been in our 5″ (or highter) stilettos, right?

So let’s take a look at some of the hot and still sexy kitten heels that will be out this fall:

1. Leopard Print: 

2. Zebra Print:

3. Sandals:

4. Classy:

5. Boots, even thigh-high boots:

6. Booties:

7. Red pumps:

So whatever style of heel you love, you can find it this season in a kitten heel…try it, you and your feet just may like it!

–Dr. Michele, podiatrist, shoe expert, shoe lover

What the stars were wearing at The Emmys (we’re talking shoes!)

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So, how did the Emmys shoe predictions do afterall? For the most part, the predictions held up pretty well.  Let’s take a look:

1. Metallic strappy heels:

2. Platform heels:

3. Shoes with pearl or rhinestone embellishments:

4. Jewel tone shoes:

5. Shoes with feminine details like lace, bows, ruffles and rosettes:

These two were the only ones I could find…so this Emmy shoe prediction did not hold up as well as the others. If you find some more shoes with lace, bows, ruffles, or rosettes, let me know because I couldn’t find them and post a photo!

My favorites: Stephanie Pratt’s black platform cut-out heels

or Eva La Rue’s jewel tone peep toe platform heels

Which one is your favorite???

The Emmys: Shoe Predictions

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Are you watching The Emmys this Sunday? And if so, be honest…isn’t it almost as interesting to see what the stars are wearing as it is to see who wins? It seems to me that there’s more Red Carpet coverage than actual Emmy Awards Show coverage, so I think it’s obvious what people are wanting to see. I love seeing the dresses…and of course the shoes! So, according to style expert Kara Birkenstock, some of this year’s Emmy shoes will look like this:

Metallic strappy heels (both gold and silver)

Platform heels

Shoes with pearl or rhinestone embellishments

Jewel tone shoes

Shoes with feminine details such as bows, ruffles, and rosettes

So let’s see what they’re wearing on Sunday’s Emmy Red Carpet! (I must admit I think most of these picks are great! And I think I might consider wearing all of them…especially if I was on a Red Carpet.)

–Dr. Michele

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