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Lady Gaga in 24-inch Heels!!!

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Lady Gaga in 24 inch heels…Yes, that’s right! 24 inch heels!

Earlier this week Lady Gaga attended a fashion award show, the CFDA Awards, where she accepted the Fashion Icon Award wearing these shoes! Wow!  

Here is a close-up of the shoes

Well, love her or hate her, she does push the limits in music and in fashion!

(Tell me what you think of these shoes in the comments section below. Would you ever wear these under any circumstances? Did she pull it off? Do you think she’s a fashion icon or just plain crazy?)

You know what I think of these by now, especially if you’ve read my previous blog on the Sky Heels…Dr. Michele 🙂


My Favorite Stuart Weitzman Booties for Fabulous Friday

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Shoe lovers, I’d love to see your favorite boots & booties too!

I’m feeling a fabulous Friday approaching, so I need to post some of My Favorite ____ for Fabulous Friday!” And I am still feeling the sexy style of Stuart Weitzman…so here are some of My Favorite Stuart Weitzman ankle boots:

Stuart Weitzman Camden zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Of course, it’s almost winter so we’re still talking boots, booties, and more boots. Tall, over the knee, ankle, whatever, but all of them are still hot! As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I love grey. The detail on this shoe is a nice surprise in that chunky heel (a trend we’ll be seeing more of this spring and fall)…and another trend we’re going to see more of in the spring 2011 shoes is acrylic in the heel. Just watch! 😉

Stuart Weitzman camel suede DC Frosty platform cuff booties $285.00 at Bluefly

Of course, another bootie. But this one looks so warm and comfy (and sexy!). The furry cuff is a nice touch, and I love this color! It just looks luxurious, and I think I’m in love with these shoes. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Ontherail zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

I know this color is bold and makes a strong statement, but whether or not you love this blue, you have to admit this is one beautiful shoe! I happen to love this shade of blue although I don’t own any shoes in this color (the closest ones would be my Kuru’s, my Crocs, and my running shoes). The zipper detail in the back and the silver heel add some more sparkle and nice touches too. By the way, these shoes are on sale this week for $360.00! 😉

Stuart Weitzman BuckKeen zip booties $525.00 at Zappos

Talk about a festive holiday shoe! I love this color during this time of year; it’s so much better than plain old red. And the buckle is a nice little additon. Yes, please! 🙂

Stuart Weitzman Fringes zip booties $535.00 at Zappos

Fringes were another big trend this season, so here you go! Fringes on a Stuart Weitzman bootie…you can’t go wrong here!

 Stuart Weitzman Safetybelt zip booties $475.00 at Zappos

And last but not least, the Safetybelt zip booties. Grey again! But this time it’s two shades of grey, some black, and a buckle…I’m asking myself right now “why don’t I own these yet?!”

Dedicated to your foot health and your shoes,

 Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 

“All shoes, all the time!”

Getting Ready for Rain!

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Fall is here!!!

 (although in Southern California we are still in triple digit temperatures…) Yes, it was over 100 degrees today…but that’s not true for the rest of the country, and it’s not going to last for long! So before we start thinking about the holidays (you know they’re right around the corner!), let’s get ready for the fall season and the rain that comes with it.

I’ve been checking out all of this fall’s boots for months now, and there is no shortage of them! From peep toe ankle booties to stiletto over the knee boots, I have to admit that I love them all!!! As a shoe lover, boots are just a no-brainer! Even rain boots are getting more and more fashionable, high end, and even sexy. Yes, I said it! I’ve seen a few that are very hot! 🙂

Tell me what you think of these:

Burberry brown plaid rain boots $239.99 at

Burberry brown plaid rain boots $239.99 at

Coach's Pixy rain boots $108.00 at Coach

Coach's Pixy rain boots $108.00 at Coach

Hunter's Original Classic Glossy rain boots $115.00 at Bloomingdale's

Hunter's Original Classic Glossy rain boots $115.00 at Bloomingdale's

Pour la Victoire's Ted hunter green studded boots $171.00 at

Pour la Victoire's Ted hunter green studded boots $171.00 at

UGG's Wallingford rain boots $139.00 at CozyBoots

UGG's Wallingford rain boots $139.00 at CozyBoots

Do any of these rain boots do it for you? Picture them with the perfect pair of jeans and a fitted little trench coat, and you’ve got yourself a hot little outfit, even in the rain! ;’)

Photo by Lizzie Jeanne

Cute, right?

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Ugg Boots: They’re not just oversized slippers anymore!

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Remember around 1995 or so when Ugg boots were the hottest trend in shoes? And by hottest, I do not mean “hot”…I mean popular or common. The truth is, I thought they were about the farthest thing from “hot” on the market. I mean, come on! Who would wear these out in public? It turns out millions did, and the people that did loved their Uggs. To me, they looked like an oversized house slipper…so, for keeping warm on those cold winter nights around the house, sure, I would wear them. But I wouldn’t buy them. Then I received a pair for Christmas from my sister and soon found out that they were comfortable and warm, just like I thought…but I still wouldn’t wear them out in public!

Fast forward 15 years…

Have you seen some of the new Ugg boots? They are not just oversized slippers anymore! They are actually stylish, cute, AND comfortable! Yay for Uggs! They got it right! I’ve been saying this time and time again…we do not have to sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa. We can have both, and with the new Uggs we do! 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the Ugg boots that don’t look so ugg-ly like their predecessors…in fact, they are downright cute! I would wear any or all of them shown here (and not be embarrassed to be seen in public!).

 Ugg’s Caroline leather boots $294.99 found at

Ugg’s Joslyn wedge suede boots $225.00 found at

Ugg’s Lynnea boots $180 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Bellvue II boots $180.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Abbie clog $130.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Rime flats $72.00 found at 6pm

Ugg’s Jolina Perf $100.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Violet wedge sandals $140 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Hazel wedge sandals $84.00 found at 6pm

Ugg’s Rochelle sandals 75.00 found at

Way to go, UGG Australia!!! 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Can you tell if it’s a real deal or real expensive?

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What matters more to you, brand names or great deals? Do you pay more for your shoes just to have the brand you know or do you pay more for brands that you trust to be comfortable and long-lasting?

Have you ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for?” Well, when it comes to shoes, nothing is further from the truth! Let’s see if you can tell the difference between a brand name (expensive) shoe vs. a less expensive version by a not-so-swanky brand?

1. Black lace peep toe ankle booties:


2. Glitter ballet flats:


3. Tan leather flat boots with zipper detail in back:


4. Faux python/python stiletto boots:



1. The first one is by Amiclubwear and costs $26.99; the second one is by Valentino and costs $1045.00. Pretty huge difference in price!!!

2. The first one is by Jimmy Choo and costs $365.00; the second one is by Gap and costs $49.50. For the Jimmy Choo brand, you’re looking at spending over $300 more…do you think it’s worth it???

3. The first ones are by Adi (found at Target) and cost $49.99; the second ones are by Steve Madden and cost $199.95. The Steve Maddens are 4x more expensive! I have tried on the Adi boots and have to admit that these boots are quite comfortable…now I have to try on the Steve Maddens to compare!

4. The first one is python, made by Christian Louboutin and costs $2595.00; the second ones are faux python, made by Colin Stuart (found at Victoria’s Secret) and cost $49.99. This difference is so huge, but it is python vs. faux python…

Just to reiterate my main point, ladies…you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes!

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“Step Away from the Sneakers?”

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Have you seen’s new ad that reads “STEP AWAY FROM THE SNEAKERS”? As a podiatrist and shoe expert, I think it’s great! It shows a woman wearing lace-up military-style black booties with a heel of about 4 inches. Click this link or see ad below:,2175174,imgLinkModuleShopAds&clink=2175174

So, let’s all take a step away from the sneakers this fall and find other comfortable shoes and boots that are also stylish. This goes perfectly with my Facebook Fan Page Shoe Quote of the Day: “Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about” by Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes can and should be comfortable AND fashionable at the same time. Who says we have to sacrifice one for the other? I say we don’t have to. As a foot doctor, I think that if we just lower the heel a little and use the right materials, our shoes can look great and feel even better! 🙂

Let’s look at some examples of shoes and boots that we can wear this fall that are both comfortable and beautiful!

1. Boots:

2. Booties: 

3. Flats:

4. Shoes with ankle straps:

5. Kitten heels:

(All of the shoes above can be found and purchased on ‘s website.)

Just one last thing: Don’t get me wrong…I’m a woman, a doctor, and a shoe lover! And I love my sneakers and wear them when appropriate, like when I’m running or going to the gym or while I’m operating in the O.R., but we really do need comfortable shoes to wear to those dinner parties, networking meetings, work functions, etc. And what about the women who work in an office or other professional setting? They should not have to choose between pretty heels that hurt their feet and comfortable shoes that are ugly as ____!!!

Let’s hear it for this ad and for the fall shoes this season! Hooray for getting it, Piperlime! 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Boots, booties, and more boots!

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Boots are everywhere this fall! So, where do we start? There are a few must haves this season that every girl should have in her closet. Let’s look at a few examples, from peep toe booties to military style to kitten heels to thigh high stilettos to furry boots.

1. Open toe booties are everywhere, in all colors, with all types of embellishments and heels:

2. Military themed boots, from designer labels to faux leather:

3. Kitten heel boots, comfortable and stylish:

4. Thigh high stiletto boots:

5. Furry boots:

Of course, you don’t need all of these, but at least a few will do for the cold months that are just around the corner. What’s in my boot closet for the fall? Here are just a few of my boots that fall into these categories…

My open toe booties:

My thigh high stiletto boots:

My military style boots:

My furry boots: and

🙂  Dr. Michele

Kitten heels are back!

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This is GREAT news for those of us shoe lovers who have been walking around in higher and higher stilettos and platforms for the past few years! Yes, it’s true…kitten heels are back for the fall season! So no more sore feet from the super high heels. From a medical perspective, if you’re going to wear heels, kitten heels are a great choice for the feet. The heel height is usually within the 2.5″ or less height recommendation from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The lower heel causes less force to be placed on the front of the foot, causing less pain and inflammation from prolonged use of way-too-high heels. And we can all relate to that pain after we’ve been in our 5″ (or highter) stilettos, right?

So let’s take a look at some of the hot and still sexy kitten heels that will be out this fall:

1. Leopard Print: 

2. Zebra Print:

3. Sandals:

4. Classy:

5. Boots, even thigh-high boots:

6. Booties:

7. Red pumps:

So whatever style of heel you love, you can find it this season in a kitten heel…try it, you and your feet just may like it!

–Dr. Michele, podiatrist, shoe expert, shoe lover

I’m So Ready for Fall!

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With triple digit heat here in Southern California all week, I’m ready for fall. Don’t get me wrong…I have always loved the summer and the heat, but triple digits is just a little too high even for me! And with the summer heat comes summer shoes. Some of my favorites this summer have been my wedge flip flops,

my way too high heels,

and my Crocs (that I wear with my scrubs in the office or the operating room). Yes, I said it. I wear Crocs. And I sell them to my patients too. For me, they’re great for work, they blend in with my navy blue scrubs, and my orthotics fit well in them to give me the support my feet need for an eight hour work day. But that’s about the extent of my wearing of the Crocs. =]

Now, back to the hoping that fall comes sooner rather than later. Not only do I love my fall outfits like my 3/4 length trench raincoat or my soft, warm sweaters or my skinny jeans that fit so well, but I cannot wait to wear my new knee length Cole Haan boots,

my Coach cuffed boots,

and my new Donald J Pliner open toe brown suede booties.

One pair that I do not have (yet) are these amazing Giambattista Valli suede booties with laser-cut leather detail that I just found on ‘s website. Wow. I want these booties.  🙂

You must have some shoes on your wish list for the fall or winter seasons. What is on your shoe wish list? Let’s just put it out there, ladies…maybe Santa will read this and surprise us! 😉

Hot Shoe Trends for Fall 2010

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It’s already the first week of school for most of us, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of fall…so what are we going to see this fall in shoe trends?

Colors: muted colors of black, gray, dark blue, light purple and beige.

Shoe details: feathers, fur trim, fringes, laces, tiger/leopard/zebra patterns, buckles, and color combinations.

Platform shoes: corset and cut-out detailing, extreme height, and bold solid platforms.

Boots: lace-ups, thigh highs, open toes, furry.

Booties: strappy designs, open toes.

Heels: stilettos, chunky heels, wedges.

Just a few examples…now, would you wear any of these? I would! I have my favorites, but there are a few here that even I would not wear!

*Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

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