Collage of Shoes

Have you tried the Pic Collage app on your smartphone? I was trying it out today, and this is what I created. It’s a collage of some of our styles from our Fall 2012 Collection.

You can see the rest of the collection at


3 Responses to “Collage of Shoes”

  1. Hello there!My name is Connie.This is slightly off topic but still about shoes!On the christian louboutin official website when you click on ”The collection” and then click on the tab that says ”total madness” a page comes up that shows 3 different shoes that are available but its the shoes in the backround on the ladies legs that I want to know the name of.Their absolutely beautiful.I have emailed the website asking them about the shoes but no one has responded.If you or anyone can let me know what the name of the shoes are,it would be greatly appreciated,Thanks for reading.

  2. Vanessa Hua Says:

    Wow wow wow!!! LOVE the shoes!!

  3. really this is very nice shoes i like design it

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