Kate Middleton Judging High Heel Design Contest

“Her Highness on Heels”  is the story that ABC News reported earlier today about Kate Middleton who will be judging a high heel design competition at De Montfort University. The six lucky design students have submitted their sexy shoe designs, and we will find out next week who wins.  The six students are Tabita Duffield, Sam Sawkill, Kay Yeng Chang, Summer Spencer, Mei Chun Lei, and Becka Hunt from the university in Lester, England. The winning design will go in to production, and Kate will be presented with a pair to wear for all the world to see.

And just watch, the winning design will become one of the hottest trends in shoes in the next season…because whatever Kate Middleton wears and endorses gets noticed! She has become not only a ducess but also a serious fashionista!

Good luck to all of them!

Here is one of the contestants with her design:

Watch the whole story here:


5 Responses to “Kate Middleton Judging High Heel Design Contest”

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  2. This sandals is really great! I love its simplicity and elegance. Even its color is awesome and makes someone’s feet fabulous.

  3. Wow so could it’s a pity I cannot participate. Kate Middleton is definitely very elegant but I wish she could dress a bit according to her age. The same elegant way but may be more fresh. She is definitely an icon.

  4. And the winner is…Becka Hunt! 🙂

    Do you agree with her pick? I do!

  5. Kate is going to make a great judge. She is elegant is classy. Great figure too.

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