Lady Gaga in 24-inch Heels!!!

Lady Gaga in 24 inch heels…Yes, that’s right! 24 inch heels!

Earlier this week Lady Gaga attended a fashion award show, the CFDA Awards, where she accepted the Fashion Icon Award wearing these shoes! Wow!  

Here is a close-up of the shoes

Well, love her or hate her, she does push the limits in music and in fashion!

(Tell me what you think of these shoes in the comments section below. Would you ever wear these under any circumstances? Did she pull it off? Do you think she’s a fashion icon or just plain crazy?)

You know what I think of these by now, especially if you’ve read my previous blog on the Sky Heels…Dr. Michele 🙂


5 Responses to “Lady Gaga in 24-inch Heels!!!”

  1. Doing a Fundraiser, Walk A Mile in Her Shoes in August… These would be hysterical!

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  3. For a shoe expert, oddly enough…you didn’t note who designed the shoes.

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