March 2011 L.A. Transit Shoe Show

OK fans, I am headed to the show today in L.A. and want to know what types of shoes you want to see! I’ll try to get some good pics of the latest shoe trends for this fall! 🙂

Dr. Michele


4 Responses to “March 2011 L.A. Transit Shoe Show”

  1. Tall, high heeled boots that come in with a WIDE calf.. I know it’s along shot,, but you asked.. Any FAB widecalf boot would be nice

    • Cindy, Naturalizer has some! I checked them out and they are super comfy and cute! Heel is not super high but still worth checking out! 🙂

    • Cindy, check out DUO. They not only sell wide calf boots, but they sell them in a variety of widths and they have a large selection. Right now they have a limited selection, but when winter returns you will find some fabulous boots They are located in England, but shipping is only 20.00.

  2. The mainshaft bearings are out of your trans. the shaft,without the bearing to locate it properly,will move out of place under load. the helical cut of the MBT Kisumu white will trust the shaft one way or the other. this will toss the tranny right out og gear.

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