Can Wedges Be Sexy Too?

A friend was at my house the other day, and we were discussing shoes (of course! LOL!) when she asked me about wedges…

Her: “I just don’t get wedges.”

Me: “Why? What don’t you get?”

Her: “I think they’re ugly. Why do so many people wear them?”

Me: “They’re not all ugly! Besides, they’re pretty comfortable.”

Her: “Really?”

Me: “Uh-huh. Wait here. I want you to try mine.”

Me: I run down the hall and fetch a pair of mine from my closet.

Her: She tries them on. “Wow! They ARE comfortable! Hmmf. I never knew!”

Me: Big smile. 🙂

So that little conversation got me thinking…can wedges really be pretty and feminine and sexy? And can they be as sexy as other high heeled shoes like stilettos or peep toe pumps???

When women are asked why they love their heels, most women reply with something referring to sexiness:

“I feel sexy when I wear them.” or “I love the way they make my legs look.” (i.e. long and sexy)

So…back to the wedges…are they as sexy as other heels??? Here  are a few examples of wedges to get you thinking…

Jimmy Choo











Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

3 Responses to “Can Wedges Be Sexy Too?”

  1. I don’t think wedges are a sexy as regular high heels, but I do think they’re a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in. The thing is, sometimes when I see women clomping around in really high heels it doesn’t look that sexy, it just looks like they’re having a hard time walking. Wedges don’t do that to you, and they give you that same nice long leg look that heels do. On the other hand, they don’t go with everything.


  2. […] Wedges: Not only are they hot, in season, and available just about everywhere right now, but they are also pretty comfortable (in comparison to other types of high heels, of course!). And according to top stylists in LA, the hottest color for the wedge this spring season is a natural wood look, not a dark brown and not a nude. Here is an example: […]

  3. german_guy Says:

    As a male i think wedges are pretty sexy, even more than regular heels.
    Of course, it belongs to the individual design. I like those (classic) cork-wegdes as peeptoes very much (to look at, not to wear them myself ^^).
    But i remember that i didn’t like those kind of shoes at all some years ago.
    To sum it up – it depends on the personal taste (of the people possibly watching you) if they are sexy or not – and above all, the most important thing might be to “feel” sexy yourself because it leads to a selfconfident and sexy charisma.

    In Germany, wedges were very “in” last Summer and judging the early spring so far, they might be again this year.

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