Two Ten Day is Today! 2/10/2011

Take Part in a Footwear Tradition: Two Ten Day!

What is the Two Ten Foundation? Click here to find out!

On February 10, 2011, take time to remember Two Ten. Tell someone about Two Ten Footwear Foundation and choose from the list of suggested activities – or, get creative and start your very own Two Ten Day tradition! Want to go above and beyond? Turn “Two Ten Day” into “Two Ten Days” by running an activity or event all week – or month – long!

Ideas for 2/10 Day:

Round Up: Round up from purchases or donate a % of retail sales to Two Ten

Eat Lunch: Host a spaghetti lunch or bake sale with proceeds going to Two Ten

Donate Your Change: Ask employees to donate their spare change to Two Ten

Text-to-Give: Encourage employees to text 210 to 20222 to donate $10. For more info and terms, visit

Surprise Your Valentine: Sell roses at your office in advance of 2/14 and have the proceeds go to Two Ten

Recycle: Cash in office and lunchroom recyclables and donate the money to Two Ten

Apply for a Scholarship: Remind a co-worker about Two Ten Scholarships, deadline is 2/16

Like Us: “Like” Two Ten on Facebook and tell us what you are doing to participate in Two Ten Day

Follow Us: Follow Two Ten on Twitter @two_ten and tweet about what you’re doing on 2/10

Join Us: Join the Young Professionals for 210 (YPfor210) or Women in Footwear Industry (WIFI) community groups

Sign Up for a Two Ten Event: Contact

Dress Down: Employees donate $5 to Two Ten to wear jeans or dress down for the day 

Here is a little bit about what the 210 Footwear Foundation does:

Two Ten offers Financial Assistance, Counseling, Community Resources and Scholarships to those working in the footwear industry. There are no fees required, or membership needed to benefit from these services.

Additionally, Two Ten offers many opportunities for Community Building within the footwear industry including events, community service projects and online resources.

Two Ten Mission:

Two Ten is committed to strengthening the footwear community with financial, social and educational support and services while nurturing community building and volunteerism.

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”


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