Do You Organize Your Shoes Like Oprah Does?

Well, how do you organize your shoes anyway? Do you line them up by color or style? Are all of your boots in one area, work shoes in another area, and party shoes in yet another area? Or do you arrange them by heel height? Maybe you separate them according to season, what you would wear in the summer vs. winter…

Or maybe you organize them like Oprah–according to pain! What??? Yes, Oprah has a Pain-O-Meter, where she organizes her shoes according to how much pain they cause her feet, or by how long she can wear them until the pain is just too much and then they have to come them off.

Oprah wearing Manolo Blahnik slingbacks on her show

 Her Pain-O-Meter goes like this:

1. Indefinitely: Shoes that she can wear at home everyday, especially after a long day of being on her feet at work (for Oprah, it’s her Prada flats!)

2. All Day: Shoes that she can wear at work, all day (Oprah’s Manolo Blahniks as pictured above)

3. One Hour: Shoes that she can wear for her entire show

4. Ten Minutes: Shoes that she can wear between commercial breaks while taping her show

5. One Minute: Shoes that can only be worn from the door to the car and then she has to sit down quickly

5. Zero Minutes: Shoes that hurt as soon as she put them on AND caused her so much pain that she had to see her doctor afterward 

Well, however you arrange your shoes, as long as your closet doesn’t look like this you’re doing OK!

Just a few shoe care tips for you:

First of all, we pay good money for our shoes, don’t we? So why would we throw them on the floor in a big pile and let them get crushed, bent, and dirty? It doesn’t make any sense when you put it like that, does it? Shoes will last longer and look better if you store them properly. For the best, most expensive shoes you own, store them in their original box (if possible), in the shoe bag that comes with them, or in a plastic shoe storage box (which is very inexpensive and found easily in department stores like Target or other online stores).

Next, if you have the luxury and the space for shoe shelves, that is another good choice! I have a small closet, so I made my own shoe shelves in the bottom of my closet with easy DIY shelving systems (again, easily found at Target or other online stores).

And finally, if you have no room at all in your closet for shoe boxes or shoe shelves, at least get the under the bed shoe organizer! It’s clear plastic which allows you to see all of your shoes for easy selection and no wasting time searching for shoes, protects your shoes from dust, it has dividers to protect your shoes from getting squished by your other shoes, and it zippers all the way around which protects your shoes from dust and moisture.

Protect those precious shoes!!! 🙂

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes in 2011,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!” 

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