Wild, Crazy, Outrageous Shoes of 2010 (Part I)

As the new year begins and we look back on the fashion and styles that came out in 2010, we can surely remember some wild and crazy shoes (as well as clothes, but we’re just talking shoes here). And as I stated in my last blog post, the runway shoes are always a little wilder and crazier than the versions sold in the stores. But regardless of the show-stopping looks on the runways, we can admit that some of the shoes shown below are pretty outrageous!

Tell me something: would you wear any of them? Which ones? I’d love to hear this!

I have to give these lobster-claw shaped ‘Armadillo’ shoes from the Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2010 Collection the first position here! With all the attention these shoes received when Lady Gaga wore them, they made some big headlines!  


The second headline making shoe in 2010 would have to be the mohawk pump in electric blue from the YSL Fall 2010 Collection. It was also made into a boot:


What about third place for these extra high platform open toe pom pom booties from the John Galliano Fall 2010 Collection?


What do you think about these boots from the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2010 Collection? Hmmm…Interesting…


What about these platform shoes from the Miu Miu Spring 2010 Collection? That’s a lot of detailing and embellishments in one shoe!


Yep, Alexander McQueen made the list twice! Check out these fantasy themed super high platform shoes from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection! Wow!


Well, if I can do it to Alexander McQueen, I can do it to John Galliano who also makes this list twice! 🙂 What do you think of these platform pumps with stacked pearl heels and (again) alot of detailing shoes from the John Galliano Spring-Summer 2010 Collection?


Well, we have to have at least one fur covered open toe ankle boot in this list! There were many to choose from but, these are from the Roberto Cavalli 2010 Collection.


Well as long as we’re talking about fur covered booties, what do you think of these white ones from the Raphael Young Fall 2010 Collection? The black platform ankle booties are also an honorable mention, so I included both of them. 🙂


Yeah, I’m stuck on fur. Last but not least, the eskimo boots from the Chanel Fall 2010 Collection with an acrylic heel have to be included. There is no doubt that these boots inspired many of the furry boots we’ve seen on the streets this year.

Just my two cents on these outrageous runway shoes: my favorites are the electric blue YSL mohawk pumps (which incidentally I have seen in hot pink and black as well) and the Chanel eskimo boots! Would I wear them? Umm…yes! Would I wear the other ones? Not sure about that!

(This is part 1 since there were so many wild shoes this year, I had to make it a two-part post! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!)

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!” 

4 Responses to “Wild, Crazy, Outrageous Shoes of 2010 (Part I)”

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