Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry In This Rain (while still looking cute!)

As I was making house calls yesterday in the pouring rain (by choice! I am not asking you to play your violin for me!), it was essential for me to keep dry! I had to decide ahead of time, what am I going to wear to keep my feet warm and dry all day, while stepping in all those puddles??? This is what I came up with, and it worked!

'Snowbunny' Boots by Skechers

The best 3 things about these boots were (1) they’re comfortable enough to wear all day trekking back and forth up steep driveways and up and down stairs, (2) I could fit my orthotics in them, adding to the comfort, and (3) most importantly, they kept my feet warm and dry even in a 3 inch puddle! 

 Of course, an easy choice would be a rain boot. And lately, rain boots have come a long way, baby! Check out these stylish rain boots!

Burberry Check Rainboots

Hunter Original Rain Boots in silver


Rockport Lorraine Pink Rain Boots


Sperry Top Sider Hingham quilted tall leather boots

Jimmy Choo 'Hunter' Rain Boot

 And then there are the combination rain boots that are more like a cross between a rubber rain boot and a stylish boot, but your feet will definitely stay warm, dry, and happy in them! 🙂

‘Wallingford Signatlure’ Rain Boots by UGG Australia

L.L. Bean Snowbell Boots

Sperry Top Sider Sadie wedge rubber rain boot

'Belcloud' Rain Boots by UGG Australia

 I just want to show you one more style: ankle rain boots! I must admit I kinda like them! 🙂

Sperry Top Sider 'Sienna' Ankle Rain Boot in leopard print

Burberry Ankle Rain Boots

It’s so important for the health of your feet to keep them dry in this harsh winter weather to avoid foot odor, foot fungus, and bacterial infections. Who needs to deal with that when we have shopping to do for the holidays??? 🙂

So…would I try them out? Of course!!! I love trying new shoes!!! (and boots and booties and …)

But do YOU like these rain shoes and boots? Do you think they’re cute? Do you think you can still look cute or sexy while keeping warm and dry in the rain?

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”


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