Shoe Trends Part 2: Like Them, Love Them or Hate Them? (Featuring @NineWest Shoes)

Shoe Trends: Part II

(as projected by Nine West)

[Note: Part 1 posted yesterday lists Trends 1-7]

8. Metallics: Whether you’re talking gold, silver, copper, or bronze, the metallics have been a hot trend in women’s shoes lately. I think this one can be tricky because unless you use leather or other quality materials, these shoes can look cheap. So just be careful of that. I have one pair made out of leather that I love, with the right outfit of course.

SYDNEY peep toe bootie in pewter leather on sale for $49.99

9. Menswear: I must admit I’m so glad to see these shoes making a comeback! I have always loved this style, especially the high heeled oxford. I also love (and blogged about) the high heeled wingtip pumps. I think they always look classy. They can be worn in the office all day and are actually pretty comfortable. Again, with the laces, you can wear your orthotics which always helps. 🙂

CASSIE peep toe oxford $130.00

10. Caged Look: These are basically strappy sandals with tons of straps or pumps with tons of cutout details (like the one below) that give the illusion of tons of straps. I like the look. I think it’s very sexy, and can add a lot to an outfit.

NOLETTA round toe caged bootie $99.99

11. Mid-Heel: Expect to see a lot of these in the spring 2011 collections. They are shoes with about a two-inch heel, like a kitten heel but not necessarily the same shape as a kitten heel. Some of them are shaped like kitten heels but some are very squared and chunky too. The shoe makers are listening to women’s complaints regarding the inability to wear the super high heels, and this is the result. I know many women who hate kitten heels and mid-heels (and flats), but hey there’s a little bit of something for everyone, right? I wear both flats and heels, so I say yes to the mid-heel.

BAIL pointed toe pump with low 2″ heel in tan suede on sale for $49.99

12. The Blues: This includes all shade of dark blue (navy, denim, and dark blue). If you wear a lot of navy suits to an office, I think they would be great for you. I don’t wear much navy, so I can’t see myself spending the money on dark blue shoes. But that’s just me. I think this shoe below is beautiful, and I could see myself buying it in a black, gray, or camel color.

VERBINIA navy suede platform pump on sale for $49.99

13. Neutrals: We’re talking camel, tan, tobacco, natural leather. I have always loved these colors although I only own a few. I think it’s great that they’re trending right now just in time for spring. I’ve seen a lot of these in the spring 2011 collections already, so be on the lookout for these soon. 🙂

MARGERITA high heel sandal in tobacco leather on sale for $69.99

14. Animal Prints: Leopard, zebra, and pony prints are hot right now! You can see them in everything from flats to pumps to boots and everything in between! (Purses are included too, although I’m glad that the cow print and zebra print purses are out, because I never liked those. And what women wants to be associated with a cow anyway???) 

SMOOCH round toe leather pump on sale for $69.99

So tell me what you think…do you have your faves?

(I’m always taking polls to see what the women want in shoes!)

Do you love any of them? Do you like all of the m? Do you hate any of them?

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”



2 Responses to “Shoe Trends Part 2: Like Them, Love Them or Hate Them? (Featuring @NineWest Shoes)”

  1. booties are my go to fashion this season..i still have yet to get a pair & they have to be oxfords!

  2. Mine too! I am loving my boots and booties this season! 🙂

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