Hot Trends in Shoes for Spring 2011

Yeah, that’s right…it’s not even officially the first day of winter yet, but the Spring 2011 shoes have already hit the runways. Actually, they hit the Paris runway a couple months ago…and, in fact, the Fall 2011 shoes have been shown, but let’s slow down and wait on those (at least for a few weeks). Let’s just look at some of the trends coming your way this spring.

And tell me what you think of these trends…hot or not???

French Inspired:

Footwear News states that included here are shoes with “classic silhouettes and clever detailing…in citrus shades, tough ankle braces and toned-down minimalist lines.”

Fruity Colors:

This trend is showing us a mix of citrus-colored shoes in suede, leather, and skins paired with wooden platforms, rope, and braiding.

Simplicity at Its Best:

Minimalistic styles ruled the Paris runways where both heels and flats alike were stripped down to their simple leathers. Nude tones were the highlights.

You Haven’t Seen The Last of The Ankle Cuff:

The ankle cuff trend isn’t a new one, but we are going to see it as a key trend for spring on everything from classic pumps to platform sandals and everything in between.


So if you’re a shoe lover (and I know you are!), keep your eye out for these shoes…they’ll be in a store near you sooner than you think!

(And in a few weeks I’ll show you some of the shoes coming out in the fall of 2011…time flies!)

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

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