Toning Shoes Part 1: Which ones would you wear?

There are scores of articles and blog posts about whether or not toning shoes actually live up to their claim, and most of them report that they don’t. Most of them state that toning shoes work just about as well as any other athletic style shoe, but there are some reports that they do work better. I am not going to debate the issue here. I think more studies need to be done clinically to prove it.

New Balance toning shoes

I have some patients that wear them, love them, and actually exercise more because they think they are working to tone up their legs and butts. Whether or not it’s true, in this case, does not matter to me. What matters to me is that they are out there walking and exercising more. They are motivated to get more fit and healthy, and that is just good for everybody. On the other hand, I have spoken to some of my colleagues, other podiatrists, who have stated that they have seen many injuries from their patients who wear them. Injuries such as ankle sprains and ankle fractures have been reported by them as a result of falling from the elevated rocker bottom sole on many of these shoes. I have not seen this happen yet in my practice.

Nike toning shoes

What is surprising to me is how many of these shoes are out on the market now, in all kinds of styles from flip flops to boots and everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of them, and then please answer the question at the bottom for me (I’d love to know your answer!):

Skechers Shape-ups



Trim Fit Toning Shoes $27.99 at Target

MBT shoes

Stepgym Shoes, toning shoes by Karen Rose

Reebok Easy Tone shoes

Reebok Easy Tone flip-flops

Fitflop toning clogs

Fitflop Mukluk toning boots

So…tell me, would you wear any of these??? Why or why not???

Dedicated to your foot health and to your shoes,

Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

“All Shoes, All the Time!”

2 Responses to “Toning Shoes Part 1: Which ones would you wear?”

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