The Sky Heel (Seriously? 9 inches?)

The Sky Heel (Seriously? 9 inches?)

OK people, the contest for who can make the highest heel is getting a little out of hand! Correction: A lot out of hand! 

Remember earlier this year when everyone was talking about the super high heels worn by Lady Gaga similar to these 7 inch heels:


Well, I’ve also found some 7 inch heels like these:

And even some 8 inch heels like these:

And now the Sky Heel, a whopping 9 inches, is going to be available for the masses next year in Gold/Black and Red/Black…for only about $100.

Wow! What a deal! Spend a hundred bucks, put them on, fall down, break an ankle, and spend who-knows-how-much on ER bills and ankle reconstructive surgery bills. Granted, you may not fall down and break an ankle…but you may. It’s not a risk that’s worth a hundred bucks! Let’s leave the walking on stilts to the professional circus performers.

Read more about the Sky Heel here. Read some of the comments about this shoe:

“lived through the fashion for ridiculous platforms in the 70s. There were many accidents with sprained and broken ankles and if you had the misfortune to step on a tiny stone you would stumble. I don’t want to be wearing platforms again. There are so many pairs of ugly shoes around at the moment that I am convinced the designers do not really like women.”

“If I wore these heels I’d be almost 6’10, I’ve no need for that! I really don’t understand stupidly high heels. A slight heel, yes, I think it looks feminine – but 6-9 inches? Just dangerous, surely.”

“Why not just bring back foot binding Chinese style and be done with it!!!!. Women in heels like this cannot walk properly, look ridiculous and are restricted by their misplaced vanity. Not to mention the damage they do to their feet. Is it really sexy to be tottering around on extreme heels, developing bunions, forcing the pelvis into unnatural angles and twisting ankles???? Lower the heels to 2 inches max and walk with freedom and grace, girls!”


Dedicated to your foot health and your shoes,

 Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 

“All shoes, all the time!”


7 Responses to “The Sky Heel (Seriously? 9 inches?)”

  1. Wonderful post…CRAZY high heels…
    🙂 but I might try one pair!

    • robin l. sena Says:

      i love the higher heels but i do go with flats at times , my question is who makes those silver heels i so want a pair

  2. I would fall flat on my ass… POW!

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  4. Quite a beautiful website. I just finished mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. Did you develop the website alone?


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