Why Do Women Have So Many Shoes?

Jimmy Choo stilettos

Jimmy Choo stilettos

Why do you have so many pairs of shoes?

How many of us women have heard that question before? Most men just don’t get it! It’ simple! Let’s sum it up for them…And while we’re at it, let’s tell them why we love shoes too! We do! We love our shoes! Here are just a few quotes to show you what I mean: 

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”Marilyn Monroe

“The perfect high heel is not a marriage, but rather a threesome when fantasy, form and function meet.” — Qiana Markham

“Return the shoes?! I can’t talk to you when you’re being hysterical!” — Gabrielle, Desperate Housewives

“I see a pair of shoes I adore, and it doesn’t matter if they have them in my size. I buy them anyway.”–Kiera Knightley

“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in our heads — at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” — Levende Waters

You see…the truth is women are in love with shoes…and we need a lot of them! 

 Here are some of The Reasons Why Women Are In Love With Shoes And Why Women Need So Many Of Them:

Guess by Marciano Kira peep toe pump

Guess by Marciano Kira peep toe pump

1.  We have choices: What woman wants to get up day after day and wear the same old shoe? Unless women are wearing uniforms to work and have no choice about it, not many! We wear different clothes everyday, so we need to have just as many shoe choices as well! 🙂 

2. We need variety: So now that we’ve established we have choices, we need a variety of shoes to choose from when putting together the perfect outfit. Just think of how different your dress will look with boots vs stilettos. The shoes can make the outfit work…or fail! =]     

3.  It’s a great deal:  Let’s admit it, ladies. We have all purchased at least one pair of shoes just because they were on sale! Of course, they fit well and looked great too, but it’s hard to pass up a good deal on shoes…especially when we can justify that we can wear them later, and we will! 😉

4.  They make us feel good: It’s just like having a good hair day! When you put on that perfect pair of shoes, you feel like you “can conquer the world.” Well, us women do anyway…for men, maybe it’s the perfect power suit or driving that perfect car…for some of us women, it’s the perfect pair of shoes! 🙂

5.  They last a long time: Since we have so many shoes, and we don’t wear the same ones on a daily basis, they usually last for a long time! Provided we are buying quality brands, this is true. With shoes, like it or not, you get what you pay for!  :]

6. They’re an investment: When we splurge on those designer heels or boots, we know it is an investment. And we take great care of that investment so that they do last a long time. Like I previously mentioned, those high end shoes hold their value because they last so long! 🙂     

7.  They’re our BFFs: Someone once said a diamond is a girl’s best friend, right? Well, I am here to tell you that a shoe is a woman’s best friend! We love them, and they love us back (or at least that’s what we believe)! 😉 

Ladies, please feel free to add some more reasons why we love our shoes and why we need so many of them…let’s educate the men so that they understand and know what to get us for our next birthday/holiday, ok? (Hint, hint! My birthday is in 3 weeks…I’m just sayin’!)

Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee black leather flat boots

Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee black leather flat boots

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

4 Responses to “Why Do Women Have So Many Shoes?”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sharee Williams, Michele Colon. Michele Colon said: "Why do you have so many pairs of shoes?" How many of us women have heard that question before? Most men just… http://fb.me/DBxjZhSj […]

  2. I love shoes so much. I actually forget what shoes I have because they are kept in their boxes and I have many, many pairs. I have a few pairs in the same design but in different colours. Is that called addiction? I just couldn’t get enough of the design so I said to myself, why bother choosing which colour to buy but buy them in all colours available. My favourite design when it comes to high heels is Mary Jane. I also love ankle straps. My maximum heels are 4.5 inch.

  3. Women are like shoes. Men look after the good looking ones. But at the end they chose the one they feel comfortable with.

  4. hahah…pretty good resons ..Thumbs up

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