“Those Shoes are Hot!” Thursdays

“Those shoes are hot!”

 I hear that all the time…from women and men…directed at all sorts of women…in all sorts of places…and about all sorts of shoes! Ladies, our men are looking and noticing our shoes. Not only do we love our heels which make us feel sexier and make our legs look shaplier, but our men agree. Men love the way we look in our stilettos, our strappy sandals, and our high heel boots.

These strappy Coach sandals in this photo were a gift to me from my man…and boy does he love when I wear them! Granted, I do not wear these to the office for an eight hour work day…these are for a night on the town, a nice dinner, or a hot date. (Remember, for a long day at work, wear a more sensible shoe with a lower heel. Even kitten heels or wedges will work for the office. Save those stilettos and high to the sky shoes for special occasions!)

I would love to hear what your favorite, sexiest shoes are. Which shoes just make you feel better as soon as you put them on?

I will show you a few of mine that always make me feel sexy and always get noticed!

1. My Coach snakeskin heels:

2. My H & M beige suede heels with ruffles:  

3. My Coach Teagan grey suede tie heels:

4. My G by Guess black and white Lucan T-strap wedges with rhinestone detail: 

5. My thigh high black leather boots:

What do you think? Hot or not??? I say “those shoes are hot!” for this week’s “Those Shoes are Hot!” Thursday. 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert


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