“Pamper Your Tootsies” Tuesdays

Tuesday has one good thing going on…at least it’s not Monday! Let’s really pamper our tootsies today! Why today? Why Tuesday? Well, for starters, think of all the abuse we put our feet through this past weekend! From the weekend warriors who really crank up their workouts on the weekends to the partiers who wore their high-to-the-sky heels on Friday and Saturday nights to the rest of us who wore flip flops or sandals or slippers or any other non-supportive shoe this weekend…we really put our feet through a lot on the weekends.

And then there’s Monday, or Manic Monday as I call it…on Monday morning we are generally running around like crazy to get stuff ready for the week. We have to think about our work week, our kids’ schedules, our kids’ clothes, our menus for the week, our errands that we have to get done, etc…so on Mondays we usually do not take time out of our busy schedule to pamper ourselves or rest (not even a little), not to mention pampering our feet.

So let’s slow down a little on Tuesday, get ready to put it into high gear for hump day Wednesday, and pamper our tootsies a little. Here are some great shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and some are even stylish. 🙂

1. If we’re going to wear sneakers to work and if we can wear sneakers to work, we can do it in style with some little Coach sneakers like these. These little sneakers are stylish, comfy, light weight, and we can wear our orthotics in them. Winner for pampering our feet! 🙂 

2. Loafers like these Cole Haan (of course, they come in many colors and a few different styles from penny, tassled, or plain) are also comfortable, light weight, and some of them are conducive to the wearing of orthotics. And loafers are trying to make a comeback this fall, so we could say they’re stylish…Another winner! 🙂 

3. If we’re looking at open toe shoes, sling backs, or low heels, these would be a great choice! They’re made by Easy Spirit, so the comfort level is definitely there. The peep toe effect is in style, so it has that going for it…I say another winner! 🙂

4. These slip-ons by Rockport are another great choice if we’re looking for an athletic look. They’re light weight and made for walking. They could look stylish with the right casual outfit or jeans. Pampering of the feet with these slip-ons? Yep, for sure! 🙂

5. Is it raining outside yet? If so, let’s pamper our tootsies by keeping them warm and dry with some cute rain boots like these by Coach! We don’t have to dress down or lose our style when it rains, ladies! Let’s keep it going with the right trench and boot combo…Winner! 🙂

6. So it’s not raining yet, but it’s getting cold, right? Let’s keep our tootsies warm and comfy in some flat or low-heeled suede boots like these. Grey is in…so I love these! WINNER! 🙂

7. Well, I had to throw in a pair of Crocs just to be complete! They’re very light weight and comfortable…and some orthotics can be worn with them. Runners love them and wear them after races to pamper their feet, so why not after a long day of work? Granted, they are not the most stylish shoe in this list, but they are winners in the comfort, light weight, and pampering departments. 🙂

There it is! My “Pamper Your Tootsies” Tuesdays recommendations for this week!

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert


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