“Pump Day” Wednesday

You’ve heard of “Hump Day” Wednesday, but what about “Pump Day” Wednesday?

That’s right! It’s Pump Day Wednesday! Let’s take a look at our favorite pumps…you know, the weekend is right around the corner so let’s get ready for it by planning out what we’re going to wear (on our feet) to those dinners, parties, and everything else.


And let’s face it, women love pumps. Well, women love shoes in general, but pumps in particular. There are so many styles of pumps to choose from these days…from classic to peep toe to strappy to platform to kitten heels…and then there are the colors, embellishments, and materials from leather to suede to python, etc. Wow, who knew there was so much going on with pumps?!


  And why do we love them so much? They’re sexy. Linda O’Keeffe describes it pretty well in her book  Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More. “Physically, it is impossible for a woman to cower in high heels. She is forced to take a stand, to strike a pose, because anatomically her center of gravity has been displaced forward. Her lower back arches, her spina and legs seem to lengthen and her chest thrusts forward. Her calves and ankles appear shaplier, and her arches seem to heave out of her shoes.”


Here are a few examples for last week’s “Pump Day” Wednesday:



Peep Toe:



Kitten Heels:

Um…I think I would wear any of these! Yeah, for sure I would! 🙂

Please feel free to comment on any of these pumps or post pictures of your own pumps that you own, love, or would love to own. 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert 🙂



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