Casual Fridays for Your Foot

Does your office believe in “Casual Fridays”? It’s so common now that it seems as if everyone is doing it, but are some people taking it too far? Casual Fridays doesn’t mean flip-flops or Ugg boots! It means “business casual.” Let’s take a look at some business casual shoes that are still cute, fashionable, and even hot!

Wedges: Whether they are wedge espadrilles, peep toe wedges, wedge booties, or wedge boots, wedges will work perfectly for that Casual Friday look!


Flats: Especially if you’re wearing high heels all week, you can afford to take a break on Friday and put on those flats! There are so many cute flats out there, and they can be paired with pants or a skirt for a business casual look. (But just a note on that: if you’re going to make a speech to the company or a big presentation to the boss, stick to your professional look with your trustworthy pumps! Remember, these suggestions are only for Casual Fridays when you’re in the office with your co-workers, not when you’re out wining and dining that executive trying to get that big account or client.) Flats come in so many forms too…from ballet flats to loafers to flat boots…some are cute, some not so cute! But they definitely work well on Casual Fridays!


Sneakers: Yep, I said it, “sneakers!” On Casual Fridays we can get away with wearing sneakers…if we choose classy sneakers and pair them with the right jeans or pants. Now I’m not talking about your dirty running shoes or worn out canvas sneakers! I’m talking about nice, clean, stylish sneakers that look cute and appropriate in most offices or workplaces IF they are paired with the right outfit. Here are a few examples:


Well, those are my picks for this week’s Casual Fridays, 9/10/10.

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

6 Responses to “Casual Fridays for Your Foot”

  1. LOVE comfy flats for the office.
    That way I can take them off and sit cross-legged in my chair haha 🙂

  2. Can you please tell me where I can find the high-wedge sneakers in this picture you posted?

    Thank you!!


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