Ugg Boots: They’re not just oversized slippers anymore!

Remember around 1995 or so when Ugg boots were the hottest trend in shoes? And by hottest, I do not mean “hot”…I mean popular or common. The truth is, I thought they were about the farthest thing from “hot” on the market. I mean, come on! Who would wear these out in public? It turns out millions did, and the people that did loved their Uggs. To me, they looked like an oversized house slipper…so, for keeping warm on those cold winter nights around the house, sure, I would wear them. But I wouldn’t buy them. Then I received a pair for Christmas from my sister and soon found out that they were comfortable and warm, just like I thought…but I still wouldn’t wear them out in public!

Fast forward 15 years…

Have you seen some of the new Ugg boots? They are not just oversized slippers anymore! They are actually stylish, cute, AND comfortable! Yay for Uggs! They got it right! I’ve been saying this time and time again…we do not have to sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa. We can have both, and with the new Uggs we do! 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the Ugg boots that don’t look so ugg-ly like their predecessors…in fact, they are downright cute! I would wear any or all of them shown here (and not be embarrassed to be seen in public!).

 Ugg’s Caroline leather boots $294.99 found at

Ugg’s Joslyn wedge suede boots $225.00 found at

Ugg’s Lynnea boots $180 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Bellvue II boots $180.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Abbie clog $130.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Rime flats $72.00 found at 6pm

Ugg’s Jolina Perf $100.00 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Violet wedge sandals $140 found at UGG Australia

Ugg’s Hazel wedge sandals $84.00 found at 6pm

Ugg’s Rochelle sandals 75.00 found at

Way to go, UGG Australia!!! 🙂

–Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

One Response to “Ugg Boots: They’re not just oversized slippers anymore!”

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