I’m So Ready for Fall!

With triple digit heat here in Southern California all week, I’m ready for fall. Don’t get me wrong…I have always loved the summer and the heat, but triple digits is just a little too high even for me! And with the summer heat comes summer shoes. Some of my favorites this summer have been my wedge flip flops,

my way too high heels,

and my Crocs (that I wear with my scrubs in the office or the operating room). Yes, I said it. I wear Crocs. And I sell them to my patients too. For me, they’re great for work, they blend in with my navy blue scrubs, and my orthotics fit well in them to give me the support my feet need for an eight hour work day. But that’s about the extent of my wearing of the Crocs. =]

Now, back to the hoping that fall comes sooner rather than later. Not only do I love my fall outfits like my 3/4 length trench raincoat or my soft, warm sweaters or my skinny jeans that fit so well, but I cannot wait to wear my new knee length Cole Haan boots,

my Coach cuffed boots,

and my new Donald J Pliner open toe brown suede booties.

One pair that I do not have (yet) are these amazing Giambattista Valli suede booties with laser-cut leather detail that I just found on www.MyLusciousLife.com ‘s website. Wow. I want these booties.  🙂

You must have some shoes on your wish list for the fall or winter seasons. What is on your shoe wish list? Let’s just put it out there, ladies…maybe Santa will read this and surprise us! 😉

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