Welcome to The Shoe Expert’s Blog!

My new boots!

Oh, how I love my new boots!

Why shoes? Because we love them! Why do we love our shoes so much? Because we do! Why do we have so many pairs of shoes? Because we love them! (I thought I answered that one already!)

As a foot doctor, people have been asking me questions like that for years…but they sound more like this: Why feet? I say why not!? Why do you work with feet? Because I can! Why did you become a foot doctor? Because I wanted to! Who likes to work with feet anyway? Me, that’s who! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my patients walk into my office in pain and walk out of my office pain-free. Remember that old saying “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!”…well, it’s true for a lot of people.
So…back to the shoes! I cannot talk about feet or walking without talking about shoes. The shoes can make or break a vacation, a marathon, a day at work, a hot date, or even a walk through Central Park. (I’m speaking from experience on this! Ouch! During my first trip to NYC, I wore the wrong pair of Skechers, and ended up with huge blisters on the back of my heels…just one trek through Central Park, and bam! Blisters for a week!)
So as a shoe lover and a foot doctor, I am on a mission to help my patients and my friends (and anyone else who wants to listen) with their feet and their shoes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find great looking shoes that don’t make your feet hurt? Of course it would! It can be done…I’ll show you! 😉
Dr. Michele Summers Colon, DPM, MS
AKA “The Shoe Expert”
AKA Dr. Michele

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