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What the stars were wearing at The Emmys (we’re talking shoes!)

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So, how did the Emmys shoe predictions do afterall? For the most part, the predictions held up pretty well.  Let’s take a look:

1. Metallic strappy heels:

2. Platform heels:

3. Shoes with pearl or rhinestone embellishments:

4. Jewel tone shoes:

5. Shoes with feminine details like lace, bows, ruffles and rosettes:

These two were the only ones I could find…so this Emmy shoe prediction did not hold up as well as the others. If you find some more shoes with lace, bows, ruffles, or rosettes, let me know because I couldn’t find them and post a photo!

My favorites: Stephanie Pratt’s black platform cut-out heels

or Eva La Rue’s jewel tone peep toe platform heels

Which one is your favorite???

The Emmys: Shoe Predictions

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Are you watching The Emmys this Sunday? And if so, be honest…isn’t it almost as interesting to see what the stars are wearing as it is to see who wins? It seems to me that there’s more Red Carpet coverage than actual Emmy Awards Show coverage, so I think it’s obvious what people are wanting to see. I love seeing the dresses…and of course the shoes! So, according to style expert Kara Birkenstock, some of this year’s Emmy shoes will look like this:

Metallic strappy heels (both gold and silver)

Platform heels

Shoes with pearl or rhinestone embellishments

Jewel tone shoes

Shoes with feminine details such as bows, ruffles, and rosettes

So let’s see what they’re wearing on Sunday’s Emmy Red Carpet! (I must admit I think most of these picks are great! And I think I might consider wearing all of them…especially if I was on a Red Carpet.)

–Dr. Michele

I’m So Ready for Fall!

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With triple digit heat here in Southern California all week, I’m ready for fall. Don’t get me wrong…I have always loved the summer and the heat, but triple digits is just a little too high even for me! And with the summer heat comes summer shoes. Some of my favorites this summer have been my wedge flip flops,

my way too high heels,

and my Crocs (that I wear with my scrubs in the office or the operating room). Yes, I said it. I wear Crocs. And I sell them to my patients too. For me, they’re great for work, they blend in with my navy blue scrubs, and my orthotics fit well in them to give me the support my feet need for an eight hour work day. But that’s about the extent of my wearing of the Crocs. =]

Now, back to the hoping that fall comes sooner rather than later. Not only do I love my fall outfits like my 3/4 length trench raincoat or my soft, warm sweaters or my skinny jeans that fit so well, but I cannot wait to wear my new knee length Cole Haan boots,

my Coach cuffed boots,

and my new Donald J Pliner open toe brown suede booties.

One pair that I do not have (yet) are these amazing Giambattista Valli suede booties with laser-cut leather detail that I just found on ‘s website. Wow. I want these booties.  🙂

You must have some shoes on your wish list for the fall or winter seasons. What is on your shoe wish list? Let’s just put it out there, ladies…maybe Santa will read this and surprise us! 😉

Hot Shoe Trends for Fall 2010

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It’s already the first week of school for most of us, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of fall…so what are we going to see this fall in shoe trends?

Colors: muted colors of black, gray, dark blue, light purple and beige.

Shoe details: feathers, fur trim, fringes, laces, tiger/leopard/zebra patterns, buckles, and color combinations.

Platform shoes: corset and cut-out detailing, extreme height, and bold solid platforms.

Boots: lace-ups, thigh highs, open toes, furry.

Booties: strappy designs, open toes.

Heels: stilettos, chunky heels, wedges.

Just a few examples…now, would you wear any of these? I would! I have my favorites, but there are a few here that even I would not wear!

*Dr. Michele, The Shoe Expert

Welcome to The Shoe Expert’s Blog!

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My new boots!

Oh, how I love my new boots!

Why shoes? Because we love them! Why do we love our shoes so much? Because we do! Why do we have so many pairs of shoes? Because we love them! (I thought I answered that one already!)

As a foot doctor, people have been asking me questions like that for years…but they sound more like this: Why feet? I say why not!? Why do you work with feet? Because I can! Why did you become a foot doctor? Because I wanted to! Who likes to work with feet anyway? Me, that’s who! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my patients walk into my office in pain and walk out of my office pain-free. Remember that old saying “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!”…well, it’s true for a lot of people.
So…back to the shoes! I cannot talk about feet or walking without talking about shoes. The shoes can make or break a vacation, a marathon, a day at work, a hot date, or even a walk through Central Park. (I’m speaking from experience on this! Ouch! During my first trip to NYC, I wore the wrong pair of Skechers, and ended up with huge blisters on the back of my heels…just one trek through Central Park, and bam! Blisters for a week!)
So as a shoe lover and a foot doctor, I am on a mission to help my patients and my friends (and anyone else who wants to listen) with their feet and their shoes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find great looking shoes that don’t make your feet hurt? Of course it would! It can be done…I’ll show you! 😉
Dr. Michele Summers Colon, DPM, MS
AKA “The Shoe Expert”
AKA Dr. Michele
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